Battery for HP Pavilion DV4 DV5 dv5-1000 series HP HSTNN-UB72 Laptop Batteries

- Voltage:10.8V, Capacity:4400mah, Color:black,
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High quality HP HSTNN-UB72 HSTNN-C51C Laptop Batteries in UK for HP Pavilion DV4 DV5 dv5-1000 series.We strive to maintain the highest standards and provide the finest value, quality and service.

HP HSTNN-UB72 Laptop Batteries

Product Details
Brand: HP Laptop Batteries
* Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.
  • EV06055,HSTNN-C51C,HSTNN-C52C,HSTNN-C53C,HSTNN-CB72,HSTNN-CB73,HSTNN-DB72,HSTNN-IB72,HSTNN-IB73,HSTNN-LB72,HSTNN-LB73,HSTNN-Q34C,HSTNN-UB72,HSTNN-UB73,HSTNN-W48C,HSTNN-W49C,HSTNN-W50C,HSTNN-XB72,HSTNN-XB73,KS524AA,462889-121,462889-421,462890-151,462890-161,462890-251,462890-421,462890-541,462890-751,482186-003,484170-001,484170-002,484171-001,485041-001,485041-003,487296-001,487354-001,497694-001,498482-001,462889-122,462889-141,462889-142,462889-261,462889-541,462889-721,462889-741,462889-761,462890-121,462890-141,462890-142,462890-241,462890-721,462890-741,462890-761,462891-141,462891-142,462891-161,484172-001,497695-001,EV06047,EV12095,HSTNN-IB79,HSTNN-W52C,L18650-XDV45
  • HP CQ40 CQ45 CQ50 CQ50Z CQ60 CQ70 series
    HP Pavilion DV4 DV5 series
    HP Pavilion DV4 DV4-1000
    HP Pavilion DV5, DV5T, DV5Z, DV5Z-1000, DV5Z-1100,
    DV5-1000T, DV5-1000Z, DV5-1002, DV5-1010, DV5-1020,
    DV5-1100Z, DV5-1113, DV5-1116, DV5-1120, DV5-1132,
    DV5-1140, DV5-1150, DV5-1160, DV5-1166 DV5-1002
    DV5-1030 series
    HP HDX: HDX 16. HP: G50, G60, G70.
    Compaq Presario: CQ40,CQ45,CQ50,CQ60,CQ60-100,CQ70,CQ70-100

    HP Pavilion DV4 DV4-1000 DV5 DV5T DV5Z
    DV5T-1000 DV5-1002 DV5-1010 DV5-1020 DV5-1030
    HP Pavilion DV4
    HP Pavilion DV4-1000
    HP Pavilion DV4-1120US
    HP Pavilion DV4-1020US
    HP Pavilion DV4-1140GO
    HP Pavilion DV4T
    HP Pavilion DV5
    HP Pavilion DV5T
    HP Pavilion DV5Z
    HP Pavilion DV5T-1000
    HP Pavilion DV5-1002
    HP Pavilion DV5-1010
    HP Pavilion DV5-1020
    HP Pavilion DV5-1030
    HP Pavilion DV5-1000US
    HP Pavilion DV5-1140US
    HP Pavilion DV5-1010US
    HP Pavilion DV5-1160US
    HP Pavilion DV5-1002US
    HP Pavilion DV5-1120US
    HP Pavilion DV5-1150US0

    Pavilion dv5-1000 series
    Pavilion dv5-1000ea
    Pavilion dv5-1000us
    Pavilion dv5-1001au
    Pavilion dv5-1001ax
    Pavilion dv5-1001tu
    Pavilion dv5-1001tx
    Pavilion dv5-1002au
    Pavilion dv5-1002ax
    Pavilion dv5-1002nr
    Pavilion dv5-1002tx
    Pavilion dv5-1002us
    Pavilion dv5-1003ax
    Pavilion dv5-1003cl
    Pavilion dv5-1003nr
    Pavilion dv5-1003tx
    Pavilion dv5-1004ax
    Pavilion dv5-1004nr
    Pavilion dv5-1004tx
    Pavilion dv5-1005ax
    Pavilion dv5-1005ef
    Pavilion dv5-1005eg
    Pavilion dv5-1005em
    Pavilion dv5-1005tx
    Pavilion dv5-1006ax
    Pavilion dv5-1006tx
    Pavilion dv5-1007ax
    Pavilion dv5-1007ca
    Pavilion dv5-1007cl
    Pavilion dv5-1007ef
    Pavilion dv5-1007tx
    Pavilion dv5-1008ax
    Pavilion dv5-1008ca
    Pavilion dv5-1008ea
    Pavilion dv5-1008tx
    Pavilion dv5-1009ax
    Pavilion dv5-1009ea
    Pavilion dv5-1009tx
    Pavilion dv5-1010ea
    Pavilion dv5-1010ef
    Pavilion dv5-1010eg
    Pavilion dv5-1010et
    Pavilion dv5-1010us
    Pavilion dv5-1011ea
    Pavilion dv5-1011tx
    Pavilion dv5-1012ea
    Pavilion dv5-1012tx
    Pavilion dv5-1013tx
    Pavilion dv5-1014tx
    Pavilion dv5-1015ea
    Pavilion dv5-1015nr
    Pavilion dv5-1015tx
    Pavilion dv5-1016tx
    Pavilion dv5-1017nr
    Pavilion dv5-1020el
    Pavilion dv5-1020et
    Pavilion dv5-1020tx
    Pavilion dv5-1021tx
    Pavilion dv5-1022el
    Pavilion dv5-1022tx
    Pavilion dv5-1023tx
    Pavilion dv5-1024el
    Pavilion dv5-1024tx
    Pavilion dv5-1025tx
    Pavilion dv5-1026tx
    Pavilion dv5-1027tx
    Pavilion dv5-1028ca
    Pavilion dv5-1028tx
    Pavilion dv5-1029tx
    Pavilion dv5-1030ef
    Pavilion dv5-1030el
    Pavilion dv5-1030ep
    Pavilion dv5-1030es
    Pavilion dv5-1030tx

    Pavilion dv5-1031tx
    Pavilion dv5-1032el
    Pavilion dv5-1032tx
    Pavilion dv5-1033tx
    Pavilion dv5-1034ca
    Pavilion dv5-1034el
    Pavilion dv5-1034tx
    Pavilion dv5-1035tx
    Pavilion dv5-1036tx
    Pavilion dv5-1037tx
    Pavilion dv5-1038tx
    Pavilion dv5-1039tx
    Pavilion dv5-1040ec
    Pavilion dv5-1040ee
    Pavilion dv5-1040eg
    Pavilion dv5-1040eh
    Pavilion dv5-1040ep
    Pavilion dv5-1040er
    Pavilion dv5-1040et
    Pavilion dv5-1040ew
    Pavilion dv5-1040ez
    Pavilion dv5-1040tx
    Pavilion dv5-1041tx
    Pavilion dv5-1042tx
    Pavilion dv5-1043tx
    Pavilion dv5-1044ca
    Pavilion dv5-1044tx
    Pavilion dv5-1045tx
    Pavilion dv5-1046tx
    Pavilion dv5-1048er
    Pavilion dv5-1050ei
    Pavilion dv5-1050ek
    Pavilion dv5-1050er
    Pavilion dv5-1050es
    Pavilion dv5-1060ec
    Pavilion dv5-1060ee
    Pavilion dv5-1060ew
    Pavilion dv5-1070ec
    Pavilion dv5-1070ee
    Pavilion dv5-1070er
    Pavilion dv5-1070es
    Pavilion dv5-1070ew
    Pavilion dv5-1080eh
    Pavilion dv5-1080ei
    Pavilion dv5-1080el
    Pavilion dv5-1087eo
    Pavilion dv5-1090es
    Pavilion dv5-1093xx
    Pavilion dv5-1094eo
    Pavilion dv5-1094xx
    Pavilion dv5-1095eo
    Pavilion dv5-1096xx
    Pavilion dv5-1098xx
    Pavilion dv5-1099xx
    Pavilion dv5-1100
    Pavilion dv5/CT
    Pavilion dv5t
    Pavilion dv5t-1000
    Pavilion dv5z
    Pavilion dv5z-1000
    Pavilion dv6 Series
    Pavilion dv6-1000et
    Pavilion dv6-1001tx
    Pavilion dv6-1001xx
    Pavilion dv6-1002tx
    Pavilion dv6-1003tx
    Pavilion dv6-1004tx
    Pavilion dv6-1005ea
    Pavilion dv6-1005ez
    Pavilion dv6-1005tx
    Pavilion dv6-1006tx
    Pavilion dv6-1007tx
    Pavilion dv6-1008tx
    Pavilion dv6-1009el
    Pavilion dv6-1009tx
    Pavilion dv6-1010ea
    Pavilion dv6-1010ed
    Pavilion dv6-1010et
    Pavilion dv6-1010tx
    Pavilion dv6-1011tx
    Pavilion dv6-1012tx
    Pavilion dv6-1013ea
    Pavilion dv6-1013tx
    Pavilion dv6-1016ez
    Pavilion dv6-1018el
    Pavilion dv6-1020ec
    Pavilion dv6-1020ed
    Pavilion dv6-1020ei
    Pavilion dv6-1020ej
    Pavilion dv6-1020ek
    Pavilion dv6-1020el
    Pavilion dv6-1020eq
    Pavilion dv6-1020et
    Pavilion dv6-1022el
    Pavilion dv6-1023ef
    Pavilion dv6-1023em
    Pavilion dv6-1025ef
    Pavilion dv6-1025ei
    Pavilion dv6-1025ez
    Pavilion dv6-1027ef
    Pavilion dv6-1030ca
    Pavilion dv6-1030ec
    Pavilion dv6-1030ed
    Pavilion dv6-1030ef
    Pavilion dv6-1030em
    Pavilion dv6-1030eo
    Pavilion dv6-1030eq
    Pavilion dv6-1030us
    Pavilion dv6-1038ca
    Pavilion dv6-1040eb
    Pavilion dv6-1040ed
    Pavilion dv6-1040ei
    Pavilion dv6-1040ej
    Pavilion dv6-1040ek
    Pavilion dv6-1040el
    Pavilion dv6-1040ev
    Pavilion dv6-1040ez
    Pavilion dv6-1042el
    Pavilion dv6-1044el
    Pavilion dv6-1045ee
    Pavilion dv6-1045ei
    Pavilion dv6-1045eo
    Pavilion dv6-1045ez
    Pavilion dv6-1046el
    Pavilion dv6-1050ef
    Pavilion dv6-1050ei
    Pavilion dv6-1050en
    Pavilion dv6-1050eo
    Pavilion dv6-1050ep
    Pavilion dv6-1050et
    Pavilion dv6-1050us
    Pavilion dv6-1053cl
    Pavilion dv6-1055ee
    Pavilion dv6-1056el
    Pavilion dv6-1058el
    Pavilion dv6-1060el
    Pavilion dv6-1060eo
    Pavilion dv6-1060es
    Pavilion dv6-1060ev
    Pavilion dv6-1062el
    Pavilion dv6-1066el
    Pavilion dv6-1068el
    Pavilion dv6-1070eo
    Pavilion dv6-1080el
    Pavilion dv6-1080eq
    Pavilion dv6-1080es
    Pavilion dv6-1090eo
    Pavilion dv6-1090es
    Pavilion dv6-1099ef
    Pavilion dv6t-1000
    Pavilion G50-100 Series
    Pavilion G60 Series
    Pavilion G60-100 Series
    Pavilion G70 Series
    Pavilion HDX X16-1000 Series
    Pavilion HDX16t
    Presario CQ50-100
    Presario G50 Series
    Presario HDX16 Series


    Pavilion dv3500 Series
    Pavilion dv3500t

    HP G50 Series
    G50-100 CTO
    G50-102, G50-102NR
    G50-103, G50-103NR
    G50-104, G50-104CA, G50-104NR
    G50-106, G50-106NR
    G50-108, G50-108NR
    G50-109, G50-109NR
    G50-111, G50-111NR
    G50-112, G50-112NR
    G50-113, G50-113CA
    G50-116, G50-116CA
    G50-118, G50-118NR
    G50-121, G50-121CA
    G50-122, G50-122CA
    G50-123, G50-123NR
    G50-124, G50-124NR

    HP G60 Series
    G60-101, G60-101CA
    G60-104, G60-104CA
    G60-108, G60-108CA
    G60-117, G60-117US
    G60-118, G60-118NR
    G60-119, G60-119OM
    G60-120, G60-120US, G60-120CA
    G60-121, G60-121WM
    G60-123, G60-123CL
    G60-125, G60-125CA, G60-125NR
    G60-126, G60-126CA
    G60-127, G60-127CL, G60-127NR
    G60-128, G60-128CA
    G60-129, G60-129CA
    G60-146, G60-146CA
    G60-208, G60-208CA
    G60-215, G60-215UA
    G60-225, G60-225CA
    G60-228, G60-228CA
    G60-230, G60-230UA
    G60-234, G60-234UA
    G60-235, G60-235CA
    G60-237, G60-237US
    G60-243, G60-243CL
    G60-247, G60-247CL
    G60-249, G60-249WM

    HP G70 Series
    G70-100 CTO
    G70-246, G70-246US
    G70-250, G70-250US

    HP HDX X16 Premium Notebook PC Series
    HDX X16-1025, HDX X16-1025NR
    HDX X16-1040, HDX X16-1040US
    HDX X16-1044, HDX X16-1044NR
    HDX X16-1056, HDX X16-1056CA
    HDX X16-1140, HDX X16-1140US
    HDX X16-1160, HDX X16-1160US
    HP Pavilion G71-445, G71-445US, WA611UA
    HP Pavilion G71-449, G71-449WM, WA606UA
    HP Pavilion G71-347, G71-347CL, VM116UA
    HP Pavilion G71-345, G71-345CL, VM110UA
    HP Pavilion G71-400, G71t-400

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