150mm 15cm 6inch Electronic Digital LCD Steel Vernier Caliper Gauge Micrometer Tool Vernier Caliper, 100% New

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Vernier Caliper

Product Details
Brand: Vernier Caliper


Electric 6" Stainless Steel Digital Vernier Dial Caliper Gauge Micro

Meter 150MM
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Electronic Digital Caliper
Made of hardened stainless steel
Internal, external and height dimensions can be easily and accurately

Linear capacitive measuring system
Zero setting in any position
With a small locking thumb screw which locks the jaws in place
Base measuring function: Inside, outside, depth and step measuring
With easy to read large LCD display
Handy conversion chart at the back
An ideal tool for a broad range of industrial and automotive

Measuring range: 0–150 mm/ 0–6 inch.
Resolution: 0.01mm/ 0.0005 in.
Repeatability: 0.01mm/ 0.0005 in.
Accuracy: + 0.02 mm/ 0.001 in. (<100 mm), + 0.03 mm/ 0.001 in. (>100 –

150 mm)
Maximum measurement speed: 1m/s
Power: 1 x 1.5V SR44 (silver oxide cell) battery (included)
Battery life: 1 year for continuous usage / 3 years under normal

Size: 240 x 80 x 12mm
Packging content:
1 x Digital caliper
1 x 1.5V SR44 (silver oxide cell) battery

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