HASEE SQU-601 Laptop Batteries 10.8V 7200mAh

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HASEE SQU-601 Laptop Batteries

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Category: Laptop Batteries
* Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

Compatible Part Numbers:

Compatible Model Numbers:


5401 7093 7111 7203 7205 7206 7301 8315 Series
ERC430 QC430 QRC430 QT5500 Sieres

Asus A9 Series
Asus A9, Asus A9T, Asus A9Rt, Asus A9W, Asus A9R, Asus A9C

ASUS A95 Series
A95, A95Rp, A95T

Asus S62, S96

Asus F2 Series
Asus F2F, Asus F2Hf, Asus F2J, Asus F2Je

Asus M50 Series
Asus M50Sa, Asus M50Sr, Asus M50Sv

Asus M51 Series
Asus M51A, Asus M51Kr, Asus M51Se, Asus M51Sn, Asus M51Sr, Asus M51Ta, Asus M51Tr
Asus M51Va, Asus M51Vr

Asus Z53 Series
Asus Z53J, Asus Z53Jc, Asus Z53T

Asus Z9 Series
Asus Z9T, Asus Z94, Asus Z9400, Asus Z9400RP, Asus Z94L, Asus Z94RP, Asus Z96, Asus Z96J

Asus X5 Series
Asus X52, Asus X53, Asus X55, Asus X56

Asus pro 31F

EL80N, S96E, S96J, S96S

BenQ Joybook R55 Series
BenQ Joybook R55, P51E

California Access M158N

Chem USA
ChemBook 4030, ChemBook 4031, ChemBook 4080, ChemBook 4081

Clevo MobiNote M660 Series
Clevo MobiNote M660JE, Clevo MobiNote M660N, Clevo MobiNote M660S

Clevo MobiNote M661 Series
MobiNote M661N

Clevo MobiNote M665 Series
MobiNote M665JE, MobiNote M665N, MobiNote M665S, MobiNote M66JE

Compal Laptop Series
Compal EL80, Compal EL81, Compal GL30, Compal GL31,
Compal HEL80, Compal HEL81, Compal HGL30, Compal HGL31

GreatWall Laptop Series
GreatWall T50

W551N W566N W566U W468N W5661N 5661U

Hasee W Series
Hasee W750T, Hasee W740T, Hasee W370T

LG F1 Serien
F1-2224A, F1-2225A9, F1-2226A, F1-222EG,
F1-2235A9, F1-2245A9, F1-224EG, F1-2255A9,
F1-225EG, F1-225GY, F1-226EG, F1-227EG,
F1-227GY, F1-228EG, F1-228GY, F1-22PTV,
F1-2324A, F1-2325A, F1-23MMV, F1-23PXV,
F1-2A24A, F1-2A26A, F1-2A27A, F1-2A36A,
F1-2A3GY, F1-2A4GY, F1-2AE9G, F1-2ARNV,

Mitac Laptop Series
Mitac EL80, Mitac EL81

Msi Laptop Series
Msi MEGABOOK M1034, Msi M655, Msi M660, Msi M660m, Msi M662,
Msi M673, Msi M675, Msi M677

Gigabyte W451U, Gigabyte W551A, Gigabyte W551U Series

JetBook 8500S Series, JetBook 9700P, JetBook 9700S
JetBook C250P Series, JetBook C250S Series

Imperio 8100IS
Maxdata Pro 600IW, Maxdata Pro 6100I, Maxdata Pro 6100IW, Maxdata Pro 8100IS 8100IW 8100IWS

Micro-Star International
MegaBook M655 Series, MegaBook M660 Series, MegaBook M662 Series, MegaBook M670 Series
MegaBook M673 Series, MegaBook M675 Series, MegaBook M677 Series
Micro-Star MS1034 Series, Micro-Star MS1039 Series

NEC versa P570 M370 Series

Notebookguru TW7N M66SRU M67SRU Series

Nobilis N420Q Series

One C6520 Series

PC Club
PC Club EnPower ENP 630, PC Club EnPower ENP 680, PC Club EnPower ENP 68004
PC Club EnPower ENP630, PC Club EnPower ENP680, PC Club EnPower ENP68004

Packard Bell
EasyNote J2, J2400

Philips Freevent X54 X57 X58 X72 15NB57

Quanta SW1, Quanta TW3, Quanta TW3A, Quanta TW3M, Quanta TW5

Seanix SeaNote SN238, Seanix SeaNote SN238A-1


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We operate a fair and open after-sales service. Over 99% of our orders are handled perfectly – goods are delivered on time and work without fault. We aim to offer a service most other online retailers fail to deliver on: Product availability, value, reliable delivery and a clear and fair after-sales service.

1-Year Warranty
All our high quality replacement batteries for HASEE SQU-601 come with a 1-year warranty. Warranty is applicable if the buyer has installed the battery properly in the device and has treated the battery correctly.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Our goal is to turn customer satisfaction into ‘Complete Customer Satisfaction’. That's why we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee, on top of our warranty and RMA procedure for defects!
Please note: in order to qualify to get your money back, you must first contact us and await instructions before sending back your product.

1-Year Warranty 30-Day Money Back

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How to Maximize Your Laptop’s Battery Life?

  • 1. Defrag your computer regularly. This will allow your hard drive to not work as hard which won't drain your battery more.
  • 2. Lower the brightnest of your screen. The brighter your screen, the more power being used.
  • 3. Try to keep the amount of programs to a minimum. Every program open helps drain the battery a little bit more.
  • 4. Cut down on external devices, such as USB devices, like a mouse. Also WiFi will drain your battery so turn it off when you aren't using it to save power.
  • 5. Clean the Battery contacts. Every 6 months are so you should take out your battery and clean the contacts that connect to the laptop. You can use a cloth with rubbing alcohol to achieve this.
  • 6. If you ever put your computer on standy, you should try to switch to hibernate, as hibernate fully shuts down your computer, but it allows you to quickly resume your work when you turn it back on.
  • 7. Go to "Power Options" on your laptop and change it's setting to Max Battery, Super Energy Saver, or one of the other many different forms of it. But it all means the same thing, switch to the setting that is set for saving the most amount of energy.
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