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-ASUS ADP-120ZB- BB Power Adapters

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Buy ASUS ADP-120ZB- BB Power Adapters at our online store(UK) with the best after-sales service. Input Voltage:19V 6.32A, 120W , DC Outpu:100-240V 50-60Hz (for worldwi, Color:black, ...

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ASUS ADP-120ZB- BB Power Adapters

Product Details
Brand: ASUS Power Adapters
Input Voltage:19V 6.32A, 120W
DC Outpu:100-240V 50-60Hz (for worldwi
* Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

Can replace the following Part Numbers :

Connecter size: 5.5mm 2.5mm, Barrel tip (ref to the picture).
Outlet: 3-prong
Cord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plug
Code: GSB0HD
One Power cord is included with this adapter for FREE(fit your country)

Fits the Following Laptop Models :

Asus N46
Asus N56VZ-ES71
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T5017V
Asus N46V
Asus N56VZ-DS71
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1054V

Asus N46VZ
Asus N56VZ-RS72
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1055V

Asus N46VM
Asus N56VZ-S4016V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T5061V

Asus N46VM-V3034V
Asus N56VZ-S4023V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1064V

Asus N46VM-V3035V
Asus N56VZ-S4022V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1077V

Asus N46VM-S3141V
Asus N56VZ-S4066V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1078V

Asus N46VM-V3031D
Asus N56VZ-S4044V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1080

Asus N46VM-V3030D
Asus N56VZ-S4027V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1082V

Asus N46VM-V3036D
Asus N56VZ-S4086V
Asus N76VM-V2G-T1008V

Asus N46VZ-V3022V
Asus N56VZ-S4054
Asus N76VM-V2G-T1023V

Asus N55SF-EH71
Asus N56VZ-S4049V
Asus N76VM-V2G-T1023V

Asus N55SF-DS71
Asus N56VZ-S4036V
Asus N76VM-V2G-T1024V

Asus N55SF-RH71
Asus N56VZ-S4035D
Asus N76VM-V2G-T1025V

Asus N56
Asus N56VZ-S4026V
Asus N76VM-V2G-T1043V

Asus N56VZ
Asus N56VZ-S3047V
Asus N76VM-V2G-T5013V

Asus N56VM
Asus N56VZ-S4096V
Asus N76VM-V2G-T5015V-BE

Asus N56VM-S3150V
Asus N56VZ-S4054V
Asus N76VM-V2G-T1064X

Asus N56VM-S3141V
Asus N76
Asus N76VM-V2G-T1070V

Asus N56VM-S3113V
Asus N76VZ
Asus N76VM-V2G-T1078

Asus N56VM-S3022V
Asus N76VM
Asus N76VM-V2G-T1080

Asus N56VM-S3151V
Asus N76VZ-DS71
Asus N76VM-V2G-T5082V

Asus N56VM-S3129V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1007V
Asus N76VM-V2G-T1087V

Asus N56VM-S4125V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1011V
Asus N76VM-V2G-T5046V

Asus N56VM-S4157V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1023V-BE
Asus N76VM-V2G-T5063V

Asus N56VM-S4034V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1026
Asus N76VM-V2G-T5015V-BE

Asus N56VM-S4152X
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1027V
Asus N76VM-V2G-T5082V

Asus N56VM-S4032V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1032V
Asus N76VM-V2G-T5013V

Asus N56VM-S4047V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1033D
Asus G53SV

Asus N56VM-S3029V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1033V
Asus G73SW

Asus N56VM-S4032V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1036V
Asus G74SX

Asus N56VM-S4082V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1037V
Asus K53SV

Asus N56VM-S3054V
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1040

Asus N56VM-4048X
Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1045V

Note: Not all compatible model# is listed.


This Power Charger will work like a charm with your ASUS laptop. A free power cord is also attached for your convenience. We do proudly declare that this ASUS ADP-120ZB- BB AC adapter is high quality. Besides, our ASUS AC adapter is brand new and backed by a 30-day money guarantee. Please purchase with full confidence. So if your original adapter is lost or broken, this would be your choice. 1 Year Warranty & Fast Shipping.
ASUS ADP-120ZB- BB adapter charger

How to select laptop adapter?

Make sure the volt and currect of adapter is same as your origial.
Carefully check the size of tip of adapter is correct.
Check and confirm with the photo of power adapter is that you are looking for.

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