Digital Bathroom Body Fat Scale 150*0.1KG/330*0.2LB Wh Weight Scale, 100% New

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Product Details
Brand: Weight Scale


In your busy daily life, who helps you watch on your health and body shape? What you need is this
Portable Personal Digital Bathroom Weight Scale. Users are pleased with its accuracy, style, and reliability.
* Wide-platform.
* Auto on: When you step on the platform, the scale will automatically turn on.
* Auto off: It will automatically turn off after work.
* 2.1" LCD Screen.
* With low battery indication.
* With tare function.
* With Lock and Unlock function.
* Two modes for unit option: bl and kg.
* With capacity of 150*0.1KG or 330*0.2LB
* Powered by 2 * AAA batteries .
* High accuracy.
* Low power consumption.
* Decent design.
* Simple usage.
* A must buy to take care of your health and body shape.
* Step 1. To make sure accuracy, always put the scale on a hard and flat surface like wooden or
marble floor (avoid carpet or soft surface).
* Step 2. Gently step on the scale, then the scale will be automatically turned on. Stand evenly
on the scale without moving and wait until your weight shown on display is stable and locked.
* Capacity: 150*0.1KG or 330*0.2LB
* Unit: LB/KG
* Power: 2 * AAA batteries.
* Button:
MODE: Switch unit between lb and kg
1. Be off status, press ON to turn it on;
2. Be at working status, press ON for 3 seconds to turn it off;
3. Be at working status, press ON for tare function.
* Material: Durable plastics
* Color: Greyish white
* Product dimensions: 240*150*27mm
* Product weight: 421g
* Package dimensions: 245*158*38mm
* Package weight: 488g

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