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Display Type:Mono STN LCD
Display Color:16 shades of blue
Display Size:5.7inch(diagonal);display area is 117.2*88.4mm
Number of Pixels:320x240; Number of 8x8 characters displayable is 40x30.
Display Adjustment:Via touch panel & VR on the back
Back Light:CCFT;Lifetime 50,000 hours @25??
Touch Screen:Analog
Keypad:1??Menu??key and 5 user-defined Function keys (F1 ... F5)
Keypad:Pressure & Lifetime 350??50gf operating force,Lifetime is over 1 million activations.
Input Power:24VDC??15%;less than 20W
Flash ROM:4M bytes
RAM:512 K bytes
CPU:32 bits RISC
Battery Backed Memory:512 K bytes
RTC:Yes(w/Replaceable Lithium Battery)
Notice:When using the machine for the first time,please remember to reset RTC. Data/Recipe??
COM1:9-pin female connector:RS232/RS485
COM2:25-pin female connector:RS232/RS422/RS485
Multi-functional Port??
Front Panel Seal:IP65
Ambient Temperature:0~50??
Storage Temperature:-10~60??
Ambient Humidity:10-90%RH(0~40??),10-60%RH(41-50??),non-condensing
Vibration Endurance:0.5mm displacement,10-55Hz, 2 hours per X,Y,and Z-axis directions
Shock Endurance:10G,11ms three times in each direction of X,Y,and Z axes
CE EN61000-6-4,EN61000-6-2
External Dimensions(mm):195(W)*145(H)*59.1(D)
Cut-out Dimensions(mm):185.8*135.8
Cooling:Natural cooling
Package included
1xPWS6600S-S HMI touch screen
1xProgramming cable(The communication cable is not included,if you need,please contact us and inquiry it)

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