Cheap nokia Laptop batteries in UK - All Products Brand New!

We have worked with leading Laptop battery manufacturers around the world to design, specify, and build high quality nokia Laptop batteries. All nokia batteries are brand new ,full 1 year warranty and 30 days money back!

  • Utilizes state of the art printed circuit board (PCB) design to provide stable and safe performance.
  • Includes a 12-month free replacement warranty for manufacturer's defects.
  • Provides excellent discharge characteristics.
  • Undergone comprehensive quality testing throughout the manufacturing and assembly process.
  • Uses the highest quality graded and sorted LG / Samsung cells.

ALL Cheap nokia Laptop batteries in UK - All Products Brand New!

Nokia BP-4L
1500mah/5.6wh 3.7V
Battery for Nokia E61i E63 E90 E95 E71 6650F N97 N810 E72 E52
[30% OFF]
Nokia HE335
3000mAh/11.55WH 3.85V
Battery for NOKIA 6 TA-1000 TA-1003 TA-1021
[30% OFF]
Nokia HE321
2900mAh/11.17WH 3.85V
Battery for NOKIA 5
[30% OFF]
Nokia BV-5S
1800mAh/6.8WH 3.8V
Battery for Nokia X2 X2DS RM-1013 1013X+ X Plus
[30% OFF]
Nokia BL-6Q
970mAh/3.6WH 3.7V
Battery for NOKIA 6700C 6700
[30% OFF]
Nokia BL-6P
830mAh/3.0WH 3.7V
Battery for NOKIA 6500 6500C 7900
[30% OFF]
Nokia BL-4D
1200mAh/4.4WH 3.7V
Battery for NOKIA BL4D E5 E7 N5 702T N8 N97mini
[30% OFF]
Nokia BL-4CT
860mAh/3.2WH 3.7V
Battery for Nokia 7230 X3 7210 5310 6700s 7310c 5630
[30% OFF]
Nokia HE328
3030mAh/11.67WH 3.85V
Battery for NOKIA 8 TA-1004
[30% OFF]
Nokia HE322
3120mAh/12.01WH 3.85V
Battery for NOKIA 3
[30% OFF]
Nokia HE351
2900mAh/11.16WH 3.85V
Battery for Nokia cellphone
[30% OFF]
Nokia BV-F3C
2335mah/8.9WH 3.8V
Battery for Nokia Lumia 650XL
[30% OFF]
Nokia BP-3L
1300MAH/4.8WH 3.7V
Battery for Nokia Lumia 710 610 303 3030 510 603 610
[30% OFF]
1050MAH/3.9WH 3.7V
Battery for NOKIA 5220XM 6730 C5-00 C6-01 C3-01 6303C
[30% OFF]
Nokia BL-4U
1000MAH/3.7WH 3.7V
Battery for Nokia 3120 5330 5530 6212 6216 6600 Asha 206 210
[30% OFF]
Nokia BV-T5A
2220MAH/8.4WH 4.35V/3.8V
Battery for Nokia Lumia 550 730 735 738 Superman RM1038 RM104
[30% OFF]
Nokia HE330
2630MAH/10.13WH 4.4V/3.85V
Battery for Nokia 330
[30% OFF]
Nokia BL-5H
1830MAH/6.8WH 3.7V
Battery for Nokia Lumia 630 635 636 638
[30% OFF]
Nokia BV-T5C
2500mAh/9.5Wh 4.35V/3.8V
Battery for Microsoft Lumia 640 RM-1109 RM-1072 RM-1073
[30% OFF]
Nokia HE316
3000MAH/12.98WH 3.82V
Battery for Nokia 6 Nokia6 TA-1000 TA-1003
[30% OFF]
Nokia HE319
2630MAH/10.13WH 3.85V
Battery for Nokia 3 TA-1020 1028 1032 1038
[30% OFF]
4.8WH 3.7V
Battery for NOKIA BP3L LUMIA 710 T-MOBILE 900 ATT 303 ASHA 603
[30% OFF]
Nokia BN-02
2000mAh 3.7V
Battery for Nokia XL Dual SIM BN-02 BN02
[30% OFF]
Nokia BV-T4B
3000MAH/11.4WH 3.8V
Battery for Nokia Lumia 640 XL RM-1096 1062 1063(AT&T Microsoft)
[30% OFF]
Nokia BV-4BWA
3500mAh 3.8DVC
Battery for Nokia Lumia 1320 +Tools
[30% OFF]
2000mah 3.8V
Battery for NOKIA Microsoft Lumia 650
[30% OFF]
1905mah/7.0wH 3.7v
Battery for Lumia 535 RM-1090 RM1089 NOKIA
[30% OFF]
3500mAh 3.8v
Battery for NOKIA BV4BW Lumia 1520 /1320
[30% OFF]
Nokia BC-3S
2030mAh 14.8V
Battery for Nokia Lumia 2520 Wifi/4G Windows Tablet
[30% OFF]
Nokia BP-3L
1300mAh/4.8Wh 3.7V
Battery for Nokia Lumia 710 BP3L
[30% OFF]
Nokia BL-4J
4.4WH 3.7V
Battery for NOKIA BL4J C6 C6-00 3G LUMIA 620 T MOBILE
[30% OFF]
Nokia BL4J
4.4WH 3.7V
Battery for NOKIA BL4J C6 C6-00 3G LUMIA 620 T MOBILE
[30% OFF]
Nokia BV-5JW
1450MAH/5.5Wh 3.8V
Battery for NOKIA Lumia 800 N9
[30% OFF]
Nokia BL-4YW
2000mAh/7.4Wh 3.7V
Battery for Nokia Lumia 925 BL-4YW 2000mAh + Tools
[30% OFF]
Nokia BP-4GWA
2000mAh/7.4Wh 3.7V
Battery for Nokia Lumia 625 Lumia 720 BP-4GWA +Tools
[30% OFF]
nokia BC-1S
3840mAh/57WH / 8Cell 14.8V
Battery for Nokia Booklet 3G
[30% OFF]