2Kg /0.1g Digital Electronic Balance Weight Scale Weight Scale, 100% New

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Product Details
Brand: Weight Scale


This mini digital can weighs anything from 0.001g to 20g, with fast measurement and automatic shutdown. It is featured by its large stainless steel pan and 5 units selection

1. Occupy little space and weight
2. Easy to be used
3. 3 minutes of auto power off
4. 5 weighing units, including G, CT, OZT, DWT, OZ, and GN
5. Well-read display with blue backlight
6. Large stainless steel pan
7. Tare function
8. Automatic alarm by low battery

* Max load: 2000g
* Division: 0.1g
* Color: Silvery and black base
* Backlight: Blue
* Material: Plastics stainless steel
* Size: 97*84*28mm
* Size of stainless steel: 34*34*5mm
* Battery power: 4pcs 1.5v AAA batteries(Not included)
* Net weight: 105g
* Unit packing gross weight: 208g

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