Invincible Twister Flash RC Stunt Car Remote Control RC Car, 100% New

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Product Details
Brand: RC Car


Multifunctional remote controlled magic aerobatic car
Full Function Radio Controlled
Super wheels, Spinning Action : Spiral spins, Amazing flip over, 360 degree coiling, Super wheelies
Streamlined body work design
Unequalled in performance, Awesome action
Multi-coloured lights on the wheels
Blazing Speed
Action: forward run, backward run, rollover stunts, wheelie stunt with front wheels rotating clockwise,
wheelie stunt with front wheels rotating counterclockwise
Built in rechargeable Battery
AC adapter input: AC220V/240V 50/60Hz, output: DC4V 250mA
Age: 5+
Color: red
Car Dimension: 172*152*172mm
Car Weight: 558g
Radio Controller dimension: 88*80*45mm
Analog length: 43.5mm
Radio Controller weight: 110g
Package dimension: 288*178*168mm
Package weight: 955g

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