How to solve the problem of win7 laptop battery charge?

1. Control Panel – Power Management Options – High Performance – Change the schedule settings.

2. Find [Change Advanced Power Settings] in the pop-up window.

3. Adjust the brightness of the plan to be max. Wireless Adapter Settings – Energy Saver mode, all set to [Maximum Performance].

4. Turn off the low battery notification. This is very important. Low battery level notification – off.

5. Click Apply, OK, then close all computer programs, wait for the battery to fully charge, and make sure the computer is using an external power supply.

6. Unplug the power cord and consume power in the standby state until it is turned off. Then plug in the power cord directly, then turn it on again.

The correction method for the laptop battery is shared here, without using any third-party software, the operation is very convenient! If your laptop battery is always full, try correcting your laptop battery.