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Apple A1989 battery

Product Details of Apple A1989 New Battery

Brand: Apple Battery
Battery Application: Laptop PC
Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 5086mAh/58WH
Voltage: 11.41V

Part Numbers of Apple A1989:


Compatible Models of Apple A1989:

Apple Macbook Pro(Retina) 13inch(2017~2018)
Charge limited volt:13.05v

Review of Apple A1989 laptop PC battery

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Apple A1989 Laptop Battery Installation Instructions

Laptop batteries are generally divided into internal and external. The external battery is usually located under the computer. Turn over the clip that holds the battery and remove the battery. This battery is the easiest to remove. The following is a brief description of the process of removing the built-in battery.

The shape of the built-in battery can be divided into square and cylindrical.

The computer itself is very thin and is a square battery, usually located under the computer. Cylindrical batteries are usually located above the interface between the computer body and the display. Today, more and more new notebook computers have become ultra-thin portable computers, and built-in batteries have become a trend.

1. Remove all screws from the computer back cover.

2. Clip the gap on the back cover with your nails, then cut the gap with a card or screwdriver to separate the back cover from the host.

3. Open the back cover and locate the battery.

4. Remove all screws used to secure the old battery.

5. Use your nails to pull the battery cable connector out of the cable port and carefully remove the cable connector from the cable port. Do not use excessive force or urgency.

6. After removing the old battery, first check whether the new battery cable connector is compatible with the corresponding screw hole. After confirming that it is correct, start installing a new battery.

7. First, gently insert the battery cable connector into the cable port. Don’t use too much force.

8. After installing the cable connector, tighten each screw.

9. After installing the battery, close the back cover and tighten the screws.


Correct Selection of Laptop Battery ref to the picture below


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How to turn on and use iphone6 low battery mode

1. First, we find the settings in the main screen, click to enter
2. Then pull the slider and find the battery below to enter
3. Enter the battery, we see the lowest low battery mode, then open the button, you can see the battery mark on the top turns yellow, this is the low battery mode open flag
4. Of course, closing is also very simple, you can close it directly from the button.
5. Low battery mode will stop some special effects of the screen, stop software update, send and receive mail and refresh the background program, so everyone should use it with caution. However, the sending and receiving of WeChat messages is not affected.
6. Below we can see the most used APPs, if you are free, you can increase or decrease as appropriate.
7. Pull to the bottom and see the maximum time that you can stand by in the battery mode. You can decide the time of your phone based on this data after charging.
8. Of course, in low battery mode, the lock screen time will become 30 seconds and cannot be changed.

(iphone6) mobile phone touch screen failure solution

1. Cleaning the screen The static electricity on the screen caused by the dryness may cause the touch screen to malfunction. Gently wipe the entire screen with your hand, or remove the protective film to clean the screen.
2. Press the lock screen button Sometimes the touch screen does not respond, not the touch screen fails, but the phone’s memory is insufficient to start to appear stuck, press the lock screen button a few times, maybe it will be restored.
3. Restart the phone There is no mobile phone problem in the world that can’t be solved by restarting the phone. If there is, then restart it again. If the battery is detachable, remember to pry the battery down. If not, wait for the hot phone to return to normal temperature and restart.
4. Uninstalling the newly installed software If the above method is not solved, the cause of the malfunction of the touch screen of the mobile phone may be that the software and the system are not compatible. You can try to uninstall the latest downloaded software.
5. Keep away from the magnetic field If your mobile phone touches the screen, please check if there is any magnetic field around you. Try it from a distance and maybe it will return to normal.
6. Use under normal temperature The temperature environment has a great influence on the touch screen mobile phone. The mobile phone at low temperature can’t even open the machine, and the high temperature may damage the mobile phone. So you know, don’t try to make your phone work in extreme weather.
7. Restoring the factory settings/rooting is similar to the malfunction of the touch screen caused by the poisoning of the mobile phone. The only way is to clean the virus or brush the machine. At this time, it is best to back up the files, and the operation is safe and rapid, so as not to cause unnecessary Loss.

Eight common faults and solutions for Apple iPad

1. iPad can’t charge
The iPad’s theoretical maximum endurance is 10 hours, and the hardware configuration is very high, so the demand for power supply is much higher than similar products. iPad charging requires a high-end USB power input interface. If you connect the data cable to an old computer, you may not be able to activate the charging function.
In addition, when the user first plugs in the iPhone to charge, he must manually change the charging configuration to High Power to meet the needs of the subsequent iPad.
2. Cannot connect to the wifi network.
This is the problem that users have reported the most. It is recommended to press and hold the sleep button, then start and restore the factory settings.
3. Unable to sync calendar or contact
As a portable terminal device, the iPad can transfer/synchronize personal data with a computer. If the above problem occurs, it is recommended to reconfigure the iTurns synchronization history, empty it and import it again.

4. Lose network connection after hibernation
The brightness of the screen can be increased
5. Lack of page number statistics
Because of the complexity of dealing with documents, word count is very important for business people. But the iPad’s built-in office software doesn’t offer similar features. Suggestion: Download Pastebot. It can provide multiple functions such as copy/paste, add images, word count, and more.
6.iWork output file failure
Users who use the iWork component built into the ipad have the feeling that it is very inconvenient to use the components in iWork for “creating” and “exporting”. It is necessary to use the data line and then perform the synchronization operation. For users who are not demanding, it is recommended to use the three components of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers to process basic emails or documents, and then send them out via WIFI.

7. Cannot reproduce the purchase application
Apple is known for its numerous expansion applications, and the new iPad online application market will be gradually improved. Some users report that they can’t perform any effective operations even after they log in to the online app market, even if the app is free. Solution: Use iTurns on your Mac desktop computer to sync to the iPad and purchase.
8. Lack of call function
The positioning of the iPad is a tablet, which itself lacks a call function. But you can install VOIP-Skype. In this way, in a networked environment, the ability to talk to others can be realized. However, video chat is not currently supported.

iPad Air common problems and solutions

Last year, Apple introduced the iPadAir with a new narrow bezel design, a slimmer body and strong performance, so it is still the best 10-inch tablet in the world. However, it is obviously not perfect. Some small problems of hardware and software often cause us trouble, so here we summarize the 10 usage problems and solutions of iPadAir to help you get a better experience.

No sound
If you find that the iPad Air has no sound, first check that the volume setting is correct, then make sure that no device is plugged into the headphone jack, then you can do the following checks:
● Double-click the Home button to close all applications
● Press and hold the power and Home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds to restart in Safe Mode
● Make sure that the lock button is not set to the mute function (you can find related items in Settings – General)

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center and make sure there is no mute or connected to the Bluetooth output device.
Try inserting the headset and pulling it out, or use a tool to blow into the hole in the earphone.
● Reset the system by setting – General – Restore – Restore all settings
● If the above operations are invalid, you can only contact Apple customer service for testing.

2. The camera does not start or is stationary after startup

Sometimes, you may encounter an iPad Air camera that cannot be started, or often crashes, which is basically a system problem. In addition to closing the application, rebooting, restoring settings, or even restoring the system, you can go to “Settings – General – Access Restrictions” to see if the camera is disabled, or check “Settings – Privacy” to see if the application you are using is disabled. Access to the camera’s permissions.

3. The touch screen is not sensitive or stuck

In fact, the author has also encountered the slow response of the iPad Air touch screen, which is basically a system problem, and you can use iTunes to restore the system. In addition, it may be a film problem or the Voice Over function is turned on.


4. Can’t rotate screen
First, make sure that the lock button is not applied to the screen rotation lock, you can change it in Settings – General, and you can also view it in the Control Center. In addition to this, there are no other solutions besides rebooting, restoring settings, and restoring the system.

5. Crash, no response, frequent restart
There are some small bugs in i0S 7 that may be the culprit causing system operation problems. So, we have to upgrade the iPad Air to the latest version, and turn off all background applications, reboots, restore settings and even the system. If you remember which app is installed, the iPad Air becomes unstable, you can also try to uninstall it. application.

6. iCloud download content is too slow after restoring the system

If you use iCloud to restore backups, a large number of applications, photos and videos need to be downloaded from the network to the iPad Air, so the download speed may not be ideal, then you can restart the router, restart the iPadAir to make the download smoother; It is recommended that you use iTunes local backup to restore faster.

7. Overheated body

In general, running a large game with the iPad Air may result in a hot body. After all, the iPad Air has no built-in fan and the thermal conductivity of the metal back is more obvious. You can achieve better heat dissipation by removing the protective cover, or turn on the air conditioner to lower the room temperature.

8. “Yin and Yang Screen”
The iPad Air screen shows the brightness of the black and white halves. The iPad Air Yin Yang screen is an early production defect, you can distinguish this problem by opening a white picture and background. This is the next time on a hardware and can only be sent to the repair shop for repair.

iPad common fault solution

Today, both the life and the work can see the tablet to the figure, but if you don’t pay attention to it, you will be damaged or malfunction. Today, teach you how to solve common faults.

First, the reason why the tablet can’t open the machine

When the power of the tablet is insufficient, please plug in the power. When using the tablet for the first time, please plug in the power before turning on the phone, charge it for 30 minutes, then turn it on and keep charging. Because the charging state is slower when the power is turned on, turning it on while the battery is exhausted may cause the system to automatically shut down. Press the reset button to press and hold the power button and MENU button to restore the factory.

Second, how to solve the tablet crash?

If a crash occurs during operation, press the reset button to restart. In order to prevent the crash, on the one hand, please pay attention to not too fast when you click the button, it is recommended to operate one by one; on the other hand, if the battery is low, please charge it in time.



Third, what should I do if the touch is not sensitive?

There is a “touch screen calibration” option in the “Settings” menu. After entering, the cross-shaped symbols will appear in the upper left corner, upper right corner, lower left corner, lower right corner and center position. Touch the tablet stylus to calibrate the touch screen. Yes


Fourth, boot white screen, can not enter the system

When the power is insufficient, it is normal for the white screen to be turned on. If you charge more than half an hour after the power is turned off, you can enter the operating system after rebooting.

Five, how to restore the factory

Open Settings -> Privacy and choose to restore factory settings. In the off state, you can also restore the factory settings by pressing the button. Press the power button and MENU button at the same time (two buttons at the same time), the English option interface will appear. There are four options. Press and hold the circle button on the tablet. Select, press the MENU button at the top of the tablet to select upwards, select the third option, then press the HOME button, the factory settings will be automatically restored, the recovery will be completed, then the English option will appear again, select the first item, press the HOME button Automatic restart, recovery is successful.

Apple fell to the altar, the media summarized 10 major mistakes in 2018

In 2018, for Apple, it can be said to be “Heaven and Hell”. Apple’s market value once broke through 1 trillion US dollars and became the world’s largest enterprise. However, after the release of iPhone XS/XR, the stock price went down all the way, coupled with slow sales and production cuts. After the bad air attack, there has not been a rebound. The technology website iFuun reported that foreign media summarized Apple’s top ten mistakes in 2018, or poor product design or marketing decisions, which allowed Apple to “go down the altar.”


First: The iPhone XS series has changed too little. The design of the iPhone XS series is almost the same as that of the iPhone X. It is only a new golden style and a 6.5-inch Max. Although the 2018 is Apple’s “S” small upgrade year, it is a radical mobile phone for Chinese mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei and OPPO. Under the design, Apple’s conservative nature is dwarfed, and ultimately, it also reflects sales.


Second: iPhone SE is discontinued. The iPhone SE discontinued by foreign media evaluation is one of Apple’s most wrong decisions this year, because it personally ended one of Apple’s most affordable iPhone. In addition, Apple’s move is undoubtedly giving up those who like small screen phones.


Third: iOS 12 upgrade is not big. In terms of software, iOS 12 has almost no change compared to iOS 11. Apple’s explanation is to increase stability, enhance the user experience, and add new features such as Siri shortcuts. However, these new features are not obvious and have not been achieved. effect.


Fourth: iPad Pro is still not a real computer. Unlike the iPhone, the iPad Pro has received major updates this year, canceling the Home button, adding a Face ID, and the full screen design looks beautiful. However, compared with its high price, the iPad Pro is still not a real computer, can not complete the heavy operation, and is less practical than the Surface Pro 6.


Fifth: The new MacBook Air design changes are too small. The MacBook Air was finally updated in 2018. The screen frame is narrower and the new processor is upgraded. However, the change is limited to this. People are actually looking forward to a brand new Air.


Sixth: HomePod lost to Amazon Echo. HomePod was released in February this year and is a brand new hardware category for Apple. However, compared to Amazon Echo, it is just a follower, although the sound quality is excellent, but wisdom as a smart speaker, and the high price is also prohibitive.


Seventh: Siri is still too stupid. In the era of Jobs, Siri debuted with the iPhone 4s and became the first AI voice assistant. However, after so many years, Siri is still a little poor, completely compared to Amazon Alexa, Google assistants and even Xiaomi Xiaoai students, is Apple’s most tasteless software service.


Eighth: Black Friday promotion is too small. The foreign media believes that in the case of Apple’s new product price increase in 2018, the “Black Five” discount activity is too stingy, and basically does not provide any meaningful discount. For example, the $50 discount is limited to the old iPhone 7/8 series, and the new machine cannot be used.


Ninth: No AirPods 2 and AirPower. AirPods is Apple’s most successful product launched in recent years, and its popularity is higher than that of the iPhone. However, in 2018, Apple did not publish AirPods 2 as expected, and its wireless charger AirPower continued to be difficult to produce, giving a very bad impression.


Tenth: The price of new products is too expensive. Finally, the 2018 new Apple new product has a drawback is too expensive. Whether it is iPhone XS, XR or iPad Pro, new Apple Watch and notebooks, the price increase is at least 20%. Although there are inflation and material labor costs, there is no technology manufacturer like Apple that keeps the old design and raises the price sharply, so it is not surprising that the sales volume has dropped.

Battery For Apple MacBook Air 13 A1466(Mid 2013 / Early 2014) APPLE A1496 Laptop Batteries


  • All these APPLE A1496 Laptop Batteries will be tested before shipment and passed CE, ISO 9001/9002 certifications and UL, ROHS approval.
  • 1 Year Warranty and 30-days money back guarantee.
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Product Details
Brand: APPLE Laptop Batteries
Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 7.6V
Capacity: 54.4Wh
Color: Black
* Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

Replace battery part number :

A1496 020-8143-A

compatible with the following models :

Macbook Air 13″ A1466 Mid 2013
Macbook Air 13″ A1466 Early 2014

Battery For APPLE IPad 6 Air 2nd A1566 A1567 Apple A1547 Tablet PC Batteries

-Voltage:3.76v, Capacity:7340mAh, Color:Black,
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compatible with the following models :

APPLE iPad 6 Air 2nd A1566 A1567

  • All these Apple A1547 Tablet PC Batteries will be tested before shipment and passed CE, ISO 9001/9002 certifications and UL, ROHS approval.
  • 1 Year Warranty and 30-days money back guarantee.
  • After-sales service department fast respond to your request !
  • Our products are compatible with all leading brands such as Acer, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Sony and Toshiba and many more. We are confident that our customers can buy their satisfying table-pc batteries here.

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Battery For IPad 1st A1315 A1219 A1337 616-0448 Apple A1315 Tablet PC Batteries


Capacity:6600mAh, Color:Black,

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* Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

Replace battery part number :

A1315 A1219 A1337 616-0448

compatible with the following models :

Apple iPad A1315 A1337 A1219

Apple iPad A1315 A1337 A1219
  • All these Apple A1315 Tablet PC Batteries will be tested before shipment and passed CE, ISO 9001/9002 certifications and UL, ROHS approval.
  • 1 Year Warranty and 30-days money back guarantee.
  • After-sales service department fast respond to your request !
  • Our products are compatible with all leading brands such as Acer, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Sony and Toshiba and many more. We are confident that our customers can buy their satisfying table-pc batteries here.

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