Superb ChoiceDC +3.3V~13A;+5V~14A;+12V1~14A;+12V2~14A;+5Vsb~2.0 Ehance ENP-7020B Computer Power Supply

Laptop ac adapter Ehance ENP-7020B Computer Power Supply DC +3.3V~13A;+5V~14A;+12V1~14A;+12V2~14A;+5Vsb~2.0, the highest quality, the lowest price, the best service, the reliable products, 100% Guaranteed to meet or exceed the 100% original manufacturer’s power specifications.

Ehance ENP-7020B adapter


Input: AC 100-240V~3-1.3A /60-50Hz
Output: DC +3.3V~13A;+5V~14A;+12V1~14A;+12V2~14A;+5Vsb~2.0
Compatible Models

ENP-7020B power supply

JP: Ehance ENP-7020B 電源ユニット

ES: fuente de alimentación Ehance ENP-7020B

NL: Ehance ENP-7020B power supply

DE: Ehance ENP-7020B Netzteil

IT: Ehance ENP-7020B alimentatore

US: Ehance ENP-7020B power supply unit

PL: Ehance ENP-7020B

All of our adapter for laptop are made with high-quality. Our laptop power supply units must pass stringent quality control tests that ensure our laptop power supply will work with your laptop. All adapters are brand new, 30 days money back guarantee.

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