Battery For Clevo 6-87-W650S-4D4A1 CLEVO W650BAT-6 Laptop Batteries

High quality CLEVO W650BAT-6 Laptop Batteries in UK for Clevo 6-87-W650S-4D4A1.We strive to maintain the highest standards and provide the finest value, quality and service.




CLEVO W650BAT-6 Laptop Batteries

Product Details
Brand: CLEVO Laptop Batteries
Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 4400mAH/4.4AH-48.84WH
Capacity: 11.1V
Color: black

Replace battery part number :


compatible with the following models :

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1. Our products are CE certified products, ensuring safe and reliable quality.

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Clevo P870BAT-8 Battery For clevo P870 SERIES 89Wh 15.12V

  • Clevo P870BAT-8 89Wh 15.12V laptop battery is made from the highest quality cells and parts. The Clevo P870BAT-8 is designed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. Shopping with us is safe and secure! 100% Guarantee Quality and Fully Test! P870BAT-8 laptop battery pack for clevo P870 SERIES
    Clevo P870BAT-8 battery

    New Clevo P870BAT-8 notebook battery High Quality Battery 89Wh, 15.12V

    Replacement Battery>> Clevo P870BAT-8 89Wh 15.12V

    Replace the following part numbers:

  • Clevo P870BAT-8
  • Clevo 6-87P870S-4271
  • Fits the Following Models:

    RU: Clevo P870BAT-8

    JP: Clevo P870BAT-8 battery

    DE: AKKU Für Clevo P870BAT-8, Ersatz für clevo P870 SERIES.

    NL:Clevo P870BAT-8 Accu

    100% safe and cheap P870BAT-8 laptop battery deals. Clevo P870BAT-8 Battery Power your system. It is the best choose to get standby Clevo P870BAT-8 battery for your clevo P870 SERIES here,high quality li-ion cells, longer battery life, competitive price, 1 year warranty, 30 days money back and high quality of service. is your one-stop shop for batteries /Adapters.

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    While most of us live in fear of a fading phone battery when we’re out and about, we don’t worry too much about that battery’s eventual lifespan (probably between three and five years). But there are ways to keep your battery in tip-top shape for a long and fruitful life.
    Batteries do not enjoy eternal life. Most smartphone manufacturers say their devices rate their batteries at 300-500 cycles. Apple claims that its laptop batteries reach 80 percent of their original capacity after 1,000 charges.
    After this point batteries aren’t able to hold as much electricity and will power your device for increasingly shorter periods of time.
    So here’s some tips to extend your battery’s lifespan, be that in an iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone, tablet, or laptop. The big questions about how to re-charge a battery is whether you should let it run to zero before re-charging to 100 percent. One reason why people are unsure is something they’ve heard of called the battery “memory effect”.
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Clevo Replacement Adapter for Clevo A15-150P1A

Buy Clevo A15-150P1A Power Adapters at our online store(UK) with the best after-sales service. Deals for high quality Clevo A15-150P1A
New Replacement CLEVO A15-150P1A AC Adapter
Clevo A15-150P1A adapter
Product Details
Device Type: Power adapter – external
Power Capacity: 19V 7.89A, 150W
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty
Fit Models: Notebook Adapter for Clevo W650KK1 P950HP Gaming
Adapter Part Numbers:
A15-150P1A A150A010L A14-150P1A ADP-150VB B
UK online suppliers of high quality laptop batteries, laptop AC adapters. All of our batteries are built using high quality cells from Japan and Korea. We carry replacement laptop batteries for over 50000 laptop models.

JP:Clevo A15-150P1A

DE:Clevo A15-150P1A NOTEBOOK-Netzteil. Das richtige CLEVO Laptop adapter finden.

RU:блок питания Clevo A15-150P1A

This Power Charger will work like a charm with your Clevo A15-150P1A laptop. A free power cord is also attached for your convenience. We do proudly declare that this Clevo A15-150P1A AC adapter is high quality. Besides, our Clevo A15-150P1A AC adapter is brand new and backed by a 30-day money guarantee. Please purchase with full confidence. So if your original adapter is lost or broken, this would be your choice. 1 Year Warranty & Fast Shipping.
Clevo A15-150P1A adapter charger
How to select laptop adapter?
Make sure the volt and currect of adapter is same as your origial.
Carefully check the size of tip of adapter is correct.
Check and confirm with the photo of power adapter is that you are looking for.
Why buy laptop adapter from
We will be your one-stop shop for Clevo A15-150P1A AC Adapters. We make every effort to provide Replacement Clevo A15-150P1A Laptop AC Adapters and Power Supply Units for Notebook Computers. If you have lost or misplaced your Clevo A15-150P1A Laptop Charger, then look no further for a replacement.
At our store, we have an enormous selection of Clevo A15-150P1A Laptop AC/DC Adapters. You can be sure to find the Clevo A15-150P1A AC Adapter Kit you need at low cost, Quick response and support.
All of the Clevo A15-150P1A laptop chargers you will find at our store are brand new and guaranteed to meet or exceed original Clevo A15-150P1A AC Adapter specifications.
Power supplies are a frequently misunderstood-and overlooked-PC component. Also called a power supply unit or PSU, the component that supplies power to a computer.

We ship to the Laptop adapter around Globe USA, Canada, UK, NZ and Ireland, Australia. View more laptop adapter. Contact with us if any problem on selecting power adapter.