Samsung EB504239HU durable battery Samsung S5200C S5530

Find a low-cost Samsung cell phone battery, the replaceable battery EB504239HU. Buy a new packaged battery for Samsung EB504239HU. Energy saving and environmental protection, durable.

High-quality and low-cost battery Samsung EB504239HU replacement

Stop using the damaged old Samsung cell phone battery and replace it with a new Samsung EB504239HU high-quality battery. Get a Samsung EB504239HU low-loss battery compatible with the new Samsung S5200C S5530 battery. Check the premium battery of your Samsung EB504239HU, then select the correct model and battery for your Samsung S5200C S5530 battery. Order new Samsung EB504239HU battery now, low price and high performance, it’s worth buying!

Samsung EB504239HU battery

Product Details of Samsung EB504239HU New Battery

Brand: Samsung Max-performance Battery
Battery Application: mobile phone accessories
Type: Li-ion polymer
Capacity: 800mAh/2.96WH
Voltage: 3.7V

Part Numbers of Samsung EB504239HU:


Compatible Models of Samsung EB504239HU:

Samsung S5200C S5530

Review of Samsung EB504239HU new upgraded battery

* Quality and safety: ★★★★★ (composed of high quality battery, built-in short circuit protection)

* Commitment and Warranty: ★★★★★ (New product not used)

* Prices and services: ★★★★★ (50% discount and 1 year warranty)

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Note: The picture of this battery is for reference of battery appearance and metal interface. This is a replacement battery for Samsung S5200C S5530. This Samsung Battery EB504239HU is cheap and high quality!


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Before ordering, please confirm your battery model and cell phone model and check the appearance and metal interface of the battery. If you are unsure of the battery part number, you can contact our online customer service in time to avoid delays in use. No matter what problems you encounter during the purchase process, please contact us in time, we will be happy to solve the problem for you.

Samsung EB504239HU Mobile Phone Battery Installation Instructions

Before replacing a new battery, make sure that the phone battery is an old battery that is easily removable or a built-in fixed battery.

Traditional batteries are usually not removed.

Steps to replace the battery inside your phone.


1. Since the adhesive is already attached to the built-in battery, please heat the back cover of the phone for a few minutes to loosen the adhesive.

2. Using a removal tool, gently pry the slit on the back cover and secure it with the card. Next, secure the suction cup to the back cover and pull it out. While cutting the slit with the card, drag with the suction cup to keep the back cover open.

3. The battery metal interface and the phone main board are fixed, so after opening the back cover, you need to hold the back cover to continue operation.

4. Locate the battery. Remove the screws that secure the battery.

5. Remove the battery metal connector with tweezers. Use a utility knife to remove the tape toward the battery fixing position. Don’t use too much force. Also, be careful not to scratch the battery. If scratched, the battery will explode and burn.

6. After cleaning the tape, make sure that the battery’s metal connectors and screws have been removed. You can remove the old battery.

7. Make sure the metal connector on the new battery matches the original battery. Align the battery’s metal connector with the insert. Align the tape with the battery.

8. After fixing the battery, screw on and fix it.

9. Close the back cover to complete the installation of the phone battery.

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Samsung AB463446BU battery replacement for Samsung C3300K X208 B189 B309 F299 X160

Find the 800mAh/2.96WH 3.7V cellphone battery model replacement Samsung AB463446BU battery, high-quality charging type of Samsung C3300K X208 B189 B309 F299 X160. Fast shipping in the UK and shopping easily online. Getting more information about batteries models, you need to visit the UK-online battery
Samsung AB463446BU battery

Product details:

Brand: Samsung smart phone

Type: Li-ion-battery

Voltage: 800mAh/2.96WH

Capacity: 3.7V

Replace the following part numbers:

  • Samsung AB463446BU
  • Samsung AB043446BE
  • Fits the Following Models:Samsung C3300K X208 B189 B309 F299 X160

    Other online stores for your choice

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    Samsung AB463446BU Mobile phone battery common faults

    1, the battery is not durable. There are many reasons why a mobile phone battery may lose power faster than usual. You can look at the battery consumption of each app in the settings. For some power-hungry users, if you are not used to it, don’t leave them in the background of the phone. With the battery-optimized app, you can monitor and end some useless applications and processes to save power and extend battery life.

    2, suddenly shut down. It is often found that the phone battery suddenly shuts down before the battery reaches zero. This is mainly because the electricity metering is not allowed.

    The mobile phone automatically shuts down when the battery power has not been used up, in order to keep some of the memory and normal use, but the aging of the mobile phone increases the error of reaching the critical value.3, feels very hot when charging. Nowadays, fast charging is popular, in fact, it is to charge the mobile phone with a large current. When charging, the energy conversion process will heat up. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem, and the general manufacturers have done rigorous testing. However, if you feel very hot, then beware of whether the battery is a problem, after all, there have been some “big killer” pretending to be a mobile phone. Also be careful to avoid extreme conditions, such as summer hot and hot cars.

    iPhone mobile phone battery common faults

    1, iPhone consumes power quickly. If you want to know why your phone is running fast, you can check it from the battery data built into iOS. The method is to enable “Settings” – “Battery”. Next, you will list all the power consumption of the app. According to the data of 24 hours or the whole week to determine which app is silently consuming mobile phone power.

    Of course, after discovering which apps are power-hungry monsters, the user can choose to delete the app directly, or to minimize the consumption of mobile phone resources by closing the background operation and location GPS service. The practice is to open “Settings” – “General” – “Background App Rearrangement”, where you can disable any App completely.

    The way to turn off the location GPS service is to turn off the specific app in “Settings” – “Privacy” – “Location Services”, or simply close the “Location Services” option.

    In addition to the above, the network rumors that iOS’s “HeySiri” function will also cause a lot of power consumption, because the iPhone must be on standby to hear the user’s voice command, you must open Siri. To turn off the HeySiri function, go to “Settings” – “Siri” and turn off the “Listen HeySiri” option.

    2, the iPhone suddenly shuts down. Excluding the normal power consumption and causing the shutdown, if the iPhone automatically shuts down when the power is normal, it is related to the system problem.

    The most basic way is to check if there are any new updates to the system. A new version of iOS will fix the iPhone battery. In the past iPhone6s era, it was revealed that the mobile phone would automatically shut down when the power left around 30%, and then the problem was solved after Apple introduced the correction. To check if there is a new update to the system, go to “Settings” – “General” – “Software Update”.

    If it is determined that the mobile phone is operating the latest iOS system, the second method is to reset the entire mobile phone. Of course, it is first recommended to back up the entire iPhone through iCloud or iTunes, and then through the “Respond to iPhone” function of iTunes. To refill the whole hand.

    In addition to refilling, the user can also choose to set the iPhone directly to the factory settings by “Clear All Contents and Settings” in “Settings” – “General” – “Reset”.

    3, the phone is abnormally overheated when charging. This phenomenon usually occurs, and all of them are directly related to the charger. If you use a brand-name instead of the original factory-certified charger, you will often give the iPhone the wrong voltage, which will make the iPhone’s motherboard overheat, even Burned out. Therefore, it is best to recommend the purchase of an iPhone charger, you must use the original certified third-party brand charger, or directly buy Apple charger is also a solution.

    Common fake battery identification method

    1. The average Ni-cd battery is 500mAh or 600mAh, and the Ni-mh battery is only 800-900mAh. The capacity of the lithium-ion mobile phone battery is generally between 1300-1400mAh, so the time for the lithium battery to be fully charged is about 1.5 times that of a nickel-hydrogen battery is about 3.0 times that of a nickel-cadmium battery. If you find that the working hours of the lithium-ion mobile phone battery block you purchased are not advertised or as long as specified in the manual, it may be counterfeit.

    2. If we find that the battery is extremely hot or smokes or even explodes during charging, the battery is definitely fake.

    3. If a lithium-ion mobile phone battery block is faked with a cadmium-nickel or a hydrogen-hydrogen battery block, it must be composed of five single-cell batteries. The charging voltage of a single battery generally does not exceed 1.55V, and the total voltage of the battery block does not exceed 7.75V. When the total charging voltage of the battery block is lower than 8.0V, it may be a Ni-cd or Ni-mh battery.

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Samsung AA-PB9N4BL battery

Product details:

Brand: Samsung laptop battery

Type: Li-ion-battery

Voltage: 2200mAh/32WH

Capacity: 14.8V

Replacement Battery>> rechargeable Samsung AA-PB9N4BL 2200mAh/32WH 14.8V discount battery

Replace the following part numbers:

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Best Price Samsung PN8014 chargers 14V–5.72A 80W

This Samsung PN8014 Power Charger will work like a charm with your SAMSUNG S27A950D 27’LED adapter. A free power cord is also attached for your convenience. We do proudly declare that this PN8014 adapter is high quality. Besides, our Samsung PN8014 AC adapter is brand new and backed by a 30-day money guarantee. Please purchase with full confidence. So if your original adapter is lost or broken, this would be your choice. 1 Year Warranty & Fast Shipping.

New Replacement SAMSUNG PN8014 Adapter

Samsung PN8014 adapter

Product Details

Device Type: Power adapter – external

Power Capacity: 14V–5.72A 80W

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty

Adapter Part Numbers:
Fit Models:
SAMSUNG S27A950D 27’LED adapter<

SAMSUNG S27A950D 27inch LED adapter
AC Input:AC 100V-240V 50-60Hz(FOR WORLDWIDE USE)
DC Output:14V–5.72A 80W
Condition: 100% brand new
Outlet:2 Prong
Connector size:6.5mm*4.4mm(REF TO THE PICTURE)
Usage:Laptop adapter
Warranty:1 Year
One Power plug(US AU UK OR EU for your choose)’led-adapter-for-sale-180348.html

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Can the Samsung PN8014 notebook power adapter be universal?

Notebook power adapters are not universal. The reasons for not being universal are as follows: First, most notebook power adapter brands have different interfaces, which means that other brands of power adapters cannot be plugged into a laptop at all. The difference in interface is relatively safe, because at least you will not plug in a power adapter that does not match the current or voltage to power the laptop, causing damage to the computer hardware. Secondly, the voltage of laptop power adapters with different voltages is different. For example, IBM is generally 16V, Dell is 20V, Hp is 18.5V, Sony is 19.5V and so on. It can be seen that even if the power adapter interface is the same, it cannot be powered by a different brand of notebook power adapter. Third, the current is different from different brands of notebook power adapters, such as: IBM is generally 4.5A, Dell is 3.34A, Hp is 2.7A, Sony is 4.1A. In fact, the voltage and current are different for the same brand notebook power adapter. Therefore, even if you use a power adapter between laptops of the same brand, you must confirm the voltage and current specifications.


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ACER PA-1650-80 Power Adapters-Input Voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz , DC Output: 19V 3.42A,65W
Chicony A11-200P1A Power Adapters-Input Voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz (for worldwi , DC Output: 19V-10.5A 200W
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SONY VGP-AC19V56 Power Adapters-Input Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz , DC Output: 19.5V 9.2A 180W
Sony ACDP-100D01 Power Adapters-Input Voltage: 100 – 240V 2.0A 50~ 60Hz , DC Output: 19.5V ~ 5.2A , 100Watt

Samsung i9100 mobile phone stuck, can only do in the lock screen interface

1. Long press the right power button for 8-10 seconds to boot
2. Restart the phone and press the menu button in the lower left corner to enter the phone security mode, and then check if it can be turned on normally. If you can boot, please delete the recently installed third-party software, or restore the phone to factory settings after backing up important data.
3. If the problem persists, it is recommended that you carry the mobile phone three-pack certificate and send the mobile phone to the nearest Samsung service center for testing.

Huawei Mate20Pro has 5 functions that Samsung Note9 does not have.

With the release of the 1T mobile phone 6T, the flagship machines of the major mobile phone manufacturers this year have basically appeared. Although in the past 2 months, every manufacturer released a smartphone has the urge to buy, but the difference is still very large. Before the release of Huawei Mate20Pro, Samsung Note9 is recognized as the Android machine emperor. However, due to Samsung’s lack of innovation in appearance and function, the position of the Emperor was successfully replaced by the more amazing Huawei Mate20Pro. Recently, the foreign media also took stock of the five features that Huawei Mate20Pro owned and Samsung Note9 did not. This also proves that the machine Samsung Note9 was pulled down by Huawei Mate20Pro.

1. Unlock the fingerprint on the screen


Although Samsung has been researching fingerprint scanning technology for ultrasound screens for several years, it has not been used in Samsung mobile phones. Even Samsung Note9, which has been highly anticipated this year, is still behind fingerprint recognition. The screen fingerprint unlocking currently used by Huawei Mate20Pro is an optical sensor. The recently released one-touch mobile phone 6T has a similar fingerprint unlocking principle. A closer comparison reveals that the smartphones that are currently unlocked by the screen are domestically produced. Samsung Note9 represents the highest level of technology in South Korea, and now it is also in the hands of domestically produced machines.

2.3D face recognition


At present, Samsung Note9 uses 2D face recognition to unlock, so the unlocking method has a very big security risk. Huawei Mate20Pro is equipped with 3D face recognition unlocking function for the first time this year. It may not be perfect, but in most cases, the speed of unlocking is not only fast, but also convenient and safe. The unlocking method of Samsung Note9 is still used for unlocking the rear fingerprint, unlocking the iris, and unlocking the face. It has been used for several years, and there is still no change.

3. Fast charge and wireless charging


Huawei’s Mate20Pro with a battery capacity of 4,300 mAh is definitely an innovative pioneer in smartphones. Equipped with a 15W wireless charging speed, it is scary enough, and now there is a 40W super fast charge. Samsung Note9 currently uses its own fast charge for nearly 2 hours to fully charge 4000 mAh, while Huawei Mate20Pro takes 69 minutes to fill a 4200 mAh battery. How big the gap is, a comparison will know. More critically, Huawei Mate20Pro also has reverse wireless charging technology, and can also charge iPhone XS and XSMax, Samsung S9+ wireless.

4. Three lenses


Huawei Mate20Pro’s Leica three lens is definitely the most enviable feature of Samsung users. Although Samsung released the Samsung A9S with 4 lenses, it is not as effective as the three-shot Huawei P20Pro. The Samsung Note9 camera effect is indeed very powerful, and the dual lens encounters the Leica three lens and only accepts the loss. At present, the three-lens mobile phone is only Huawei, but the Samsung Note9 does not. The future Samsung Note series will not carry three lenses, this is hard to say.

5.7 nm process processor


This is definitely the most envious of Samsung Note9 users. Although Samsung Note9 is equipped with the self-developed Orion 9810, but the actual speed test was hoisted by the 7-nanometer Kirin 980 processor, Samsung Note9 equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor, is also crushed. The Kirin 980 processor is the world’s first 7-nanometer processor. At present, Samsung has not got rid of its dependence on the Snapdragon 845 processor. It is believed that Samsung will still be envious of the processor in the next few years.

High Quality Replacement Battery for SAMSUNG EB-BT705FBC

  • SAMSUNG EB-BT705FBC High quality, low price! SAMSUNG EB-BT705FBC backed by a 30-day money guarantee. Please purchase with full confidence. So if your original adapter is lost or broken, this would be your choice. 1 Year Warranty & Fast Shipping.
    SAMSUNG EB-BT705FBC battery

    New SAMSUNG EB-BT705FBC battery High Quality Battery 4900mAh, 3.8V

    Replacement Battery>> SAMSUNG EB-BT705FBC 4900mAh 3.8V

    Replace the following part numbers:

  • Fits the Following Models:
    SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S 8.4 T700 T701 T705 T705C
    1 x Li-ion SM-T700 Battery
    1 x Tools


    JP: SAMSUNG EB-BT705FBC battery

    DE: AKKU Für SAMSUNG EB-BT705FBC, Ersatz für SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S 8.4 T700 T701 T705 T705C + Tools.


    100% safe and cheap EB-BT705FBC tablet battery deals. SAMSUNG EB-BT705FBC Battery Power your system. It is the best choose to get standby SAMSUNG EB-BT705FBC battery for your SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S 8.4 T700 T701 T705 T705C + Tools here,high quality li-ion cells, longer battery life, competitive price, 1 year warranty, 30 days money back and high quality of service. is your one-stop shop for batteries /Adapters.

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    LG BL-64SH replacement battery for LG Volt LS740 Boost Mobile Virgin

    NOKIA BV-4BW replacement battery for NOKIA BV4BW Lumia 1520 /1320

    Fujitsu FMVNBP221 tablet battery for Fujitsu Stylistic Quattro Q702 FMVNBP221

    Lenovo L13D2E31 tablet battery for Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 Pad B6000 Series L13D2E31

    HP HSTNN-LB5Y laptop battery for HP 15-G 15-G010DX

    HP HSTNN-LB6J laptop battery for HP Pavilion 17-F 15-p003ax 756479-421 41CR19/66 J6M89PA

    Asus C11P1314 tablet battery for Asus Memo Pad ME102A 10.1 tablet

    SONY SGPBP04 tablet battery for SONY Xperia Tablet S Series PCG-C1R PCG-C1S PCG-C1X