Computer optical drive maintenance

The CD-ROM drive of a laptop is a very delicate component, coupled with its high frequency of use, the lifespan is indeed very limited. As a result, many businesses have a much shorter warranty on optical drive components than other components. In fact, the laser head is mainly affected by the life of the optical drive. The life of the laser head is actually the life of the optical drive. To extend the life of the optical drive, you should start with the maintenance of the laser head. There are ten methods:

First, keep the optical drive and disc clean
The optical drive uses very precise optical components, and the optical components are most afraid of dust pollution. Dust comes from the entire process of loading and unloading the disc. Whether the disc is clean or not is directly related to the life of the disc drive. Therefore, the disc should be cleaned before it is loaded into the drive, and unused discs should be properly stored to prevent dust pollution.

2. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the laser head After using the optical drive for a period of time, the laser head must be stained with dust, which will reduce the reading capacity of the optical drive. The specific performance is that the reading speed of the disc is slowed down, the display screen and the sound appear mosaic or pause, and in severe cases, the sound of the optical disc frequently reading the disc can be heard. These phenomena can damage the laser head, the drive motor and other components. Therefore, users should regularly clean and maintain the optical drive or ask professional maintenance.

III. Keep the optical drive horizontally?
During the use of the machine, keep the optical drive horizontally. The reason is that the center of gravity of the optical disc changes due to imbalance during rotation, which can reduce the ability to read the disc when it is slight, and may damage the laser head in severe cases. Some people use computer optical drives to install software on different machines. They often take the optical drive off and take it with them, and even carry it with them, which is very harmful to the optical drive. The danger is that the optical components and laser head in the optical drive are subject to changes due to vibration and oblique placement, which causes the performance of the optical drive to decline.

Fourth, develop the habit of taking disks in time before shutting down
一旦 Once there is a CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive, not only will it take a long time to read the disk when the computer starts up, but the CD-ROM will always be at a high speed. This not only increases the working time of the laser head, but also makes the motor and transmission components in the optical drive in a worn state, which virtually shortens the life of the optical drive. It is recommended that users develop the habit of removing the disc from the optical drive in time before shutting down.

Fifth, reduce the working time of the optical drive In order to reduce the use time of the optical drive to extend its life, users of computers can use the hard disk space to allow virtual disks to be stored on the hard disk. Such as teaching software, game software, etc. are stored in the hard disk, so that it can run directly on the hard disk in the future, and has the characteristics of fast speed.


26. Opening and Closing the Disk Box Correctly Regardless of the type of optical drive, there are buttons for ejecting the box and closing the box on the front panel. Using this button is a conventional method of properly opening and closing the optical disk box. When pressing the keys, do not press your fingers too hard to prevent the keys from getting out of control. Some users are accustomed to pushing back the disk box directly with their hands. This is a damage to the drive gear of the optical drive. It is recommended that users overcome this bad habit.

7. Use the program to open and close the box
Use the program to switch the disk box. This function is available in many software or multimedia playback tools. If you right-click the CD-ROM drive letter in Windows, there is also an “Eject” command in the pop-up menu to eject the CD case. It is recommended that computer users use software to control the opening and closing of the disk box as much as possible to reduce the failure rate of the optical drive.

8. Careful maintenance
Because all the components in the optical drive are very precise, the user must pay attention to the methods and methods during disassembly and installation of the optical drive, and pay attention to recording the original fixed position. If you are not sure, ask professional maintenance personnel to disassemble and repair. Especially when the laser head is aging, it is necessary to adjust the driving power to increase the power of the laser tube, and it must be debugged by a professional maintenance person to prevent it from being adjusted too large, which will cause the laser head to burn out.

Maintance of Notebook PC LCD

The screen of a notebook is very important, so everyone wants to protect it, so is adding a film to protect it well? How can I make the screen of the notebook as long as possible? The screen cost of the notebook accounts for the entire notebook cost It’s a big part and it’s easily damaged, so we should take good care of it. Adding a protective film can play a certain protection role, you can choose some brand-name products, this effect will be better.

A LCD screen, the normal use time, that is, about 5 years, as time goes by, the screen of the notebook will become more and more yellow, which is the phenomenon of aging of the lamp inside the screen. So how to make the aging time go back as far as possible? Here are a few tips to make your screen last longer.

First, usually reduce the possibility of the screen being exposed to sunlight. Use it during the day, and try to pull up the curtains to prevent the screen from being too hot after it is exposed to sunlight, which will accelerate the aging.

Twenty-two, do a good job of daily cleaning. In daily use, it is in close contact with the notebook, so that various stains will inevitably be left on the screen, so we must do a good job of cleaning the notebook screen. You can use a 3m magic cloth to wipe it, and the general dust can be directly removed. , But for the more stubborn, you need to use a little gas. But be careful, cut off all power to avoid leaks or water.

Third, reduce the brightness, which can effectively extend the service life. It is usually enough to open 1-2 divisions during the day, and 2-3 divisions at night. When you turn on the power again, there are sometimes default options. The screen is particularly bright. Be sure to recall it.

24. Remember to turn off the screen when leaving for a long time. If you have something to leave, you must remember to turn off the screen. The shortcut key is Fn + F3, so that the screen will not light up.

Fifth, do not point at the screen with your hand, pen tip, or other objects. If you pay a price, it is easy to cause bad points, and you are late.