Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition – 4 layout compact array microphone

On the hardware side, in order to better understand the user’s voice commands, four compact microphones are placed on the top of the Huawei M5 body frame, and Huawei’s R&D team is used to target various common noise interference scenarios. Long-term batch wake-up, identification testing, and repeated debugging of orientation, angle, and distance. In the end, you can ensure that any sentence you say to it within 5 meters can be included.

Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition – Move your mouth More understand your smart voice tablet

Intelligent voice interaction has become a differentiated selling point for hardware products such as smart speakers, mobile phones and watches. Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition is the first step to add an intelligent voice system to the tablet, which reduces the difficulty of interactive operation of the touch screen. Basically, the mobile phone can complete the operation of clicking and searching multiple steps before, or open the APP in one sentence.

Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition -10.1 inch 1920X1200 level IPS screen

In terms of screen configuration, Huawei tablets have always adopted a high level of configuration. Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition provides 10.1-inch 1920X1200 IPS screen, and Huawei provides a unique “sharp screen” display enhancement technology, intelligent adjustment of contrast and saturation with intelligent algorithms, in terms of color expression and enhanced image vivid effects Better performance.