Pure version Win10 Lenovo laptop battery 60% stop charging solution

1. Left click on the “Battery” icon in the lower right corner of the screen. In the options that appear, select “Go to Lenovo Settings Center”;

2. Drag the progress bar down and find the option of “Battery Charging Threshold”, as shown in the figure:

3. Turn on the “Battery Charging Threshold” switch, and the dialog prompt will pop up, as shown in the figure:
4. Select the “Continue” button, the dialog box disappears, and a progress bar for setting the charging threshold appears, as shown in the figure:
Single battery model, the setting interface is as follows:

Dual battery model, the setting interface is as follows:

1, the threshold is set to only a percentage of the value, the interval is 5%, such as 95% or 90%, (integer multiple of 5);
2. The battery starts to charge when it is lower than the stop charging threshold by about 6%;

3. In “Programs and Functions”, the software name is: Lenovo BatteryGauge, as shown in the figure:

After the above steps are modified, we can successfully restore the normal charging mode of the laptop! Friends who have encountered similar situations, come and take a look at it!

How to view the health status of win10 laptop battery?

1. Right click on the Win logo in the lower left corner of the screen and select “Command Prompt (Administrator)” from the pop-up menu.
2. At the command prompt, type powercfg /batteryreport /output “D://ianChi.html”. Among them, the storage path of the battery usage report file in the bold part can be customized, and you can also save it to other locations;
3. After the carriage return, the system will prompt the file to be saved successfully;
4. Open the corresponding folder and double-click to open the battery usage report file.
5. Under Installed batteries, you can see the factory design capacity of the battery and the current full charge capacity (that is, how much power can be stored when the battery is fully charged. If the computer is used for a long time, this will be different from the factory design capacity. Degree of loss);
6. Under the Recent usage item, you can see the battery charge and discharge situation in the last three days (including when it is activated and when it is in standby mode);
7. Next is the statistical chart of the usage.
8. Finally, focus on the last battery life estimates. Here is an estimate of how long the battery life can last.
After installing the tutorial step content settings, win10 laptop battery health status knows how it is, you want to know the status of your laptop battery, directly refer to this method to view it.