Replacement for Dell C4K9V Laptop Battery 55WH 7.4V

Replacement for Dell C4K9V Laptop Battery 55WH 7.4V. All rechargeable laptop and notebook battery replacements include a minimum one year manufacturer’s warranty. Shop with confidence on UK Online Store! is a leading provider of batteries in the UK to consumers, dealers, distributors and importers. Our online store encompasses a broad range of batteries and battery products for all types of electronic applications

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DELL C4K9V Replacement Battery [55WH, 7.4V]

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Replace the following part numbers:
Fits the Following Models: 
DELL XPS 12 Ultrabook
DELL XPS 12 9Q33/ XPS 13 9333
DELL XPS 12-L221x/ XPS 12D-1708

Tips to extend your DELL C4K9V battery life
These safety instructions must be read carefully and must be fully understood before attempting to use your laptop battery
If you are not using the internet turn off your wifi connection and lower the intensity of your backlight (hold down function and move the arrows up or down to change intensity).
et the power of the C4K9V battery batteries (15%) drain to 0% When you use your brand new Battery first time. And then full charge it(usually chrage it full 12 hours) and let it drain to 0% again. Do this for 2~3 cycles.
Never hammer a nail into the Dell C4K9V battery. Never hit a hammer on the battery pack. Never step or tread on the battery pack.
Always confirm that the temperature is 5 c-35 c before you charge the Dell C4K9V battery. Leakage or deterioration of the battery pack may occur if this warning is not heeded.
Never expose the battery to direct sunlight. Never store or use the Dell C4K9V battery pack in an unventilated vehicle where excessive internal temperatures may be encountered.
Always keep the Dell C4K9V battery pack out of reach of infants or small children.
If the liquid contained within the Dell C4K9V battery pack leaks, use large amounts of water an immediately wash off any liquid which may accidentally contact any part of the body. Remove any liquid that has contacted your clothes by washing them immediately with a synthetic detergent.

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