Sony VGP-BPS33 laptop battery for SONY VAIO T VAIO T14 T15

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SONY VGP-BPS33 Replacement Battery [3760mAh/43WH, 11.4V]

Replacement Battery>> Sony VGP-BPS33 battery UK

Replace the following part numbers:
Fits the Following Models: 
SONY VAIO SVT-14 Touchscreen Ultrabooks
SONY VAIO SVT-15 Touchscreen Ultrabooks
SONY Vaio T Series
SONY VAIO T Touchscreen Ultrabooks Series
SONY VAIO T14 Series
SONY VAIO T14 Touchscreen Ultrabooks
SONY VAIO T15 Series
SONY VAIO T15 Touchscreen Ultrabooks Series

Tips to extend your SONY VGP-BPS33 battery life

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  1. You can get long hours of battery life without having to frequently recharging
  2. No memory effect, which can be charged even if it has not been used up yet
  3. Using advanced cell technology and high quality components, it guarantees the stamina to meet your need of long work sessions and travel
  4. Manufactured to the highest quality available with true enhanced performance
  5. Powered by high quality cells
  6. Can be charged while it is installed and the computer is connected to AC power

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The lifespan of a Sony VGP-BPS33 laptop batteries will vary considerably with how it is used, how it is maintained and charged, temperature, and other factors.

Does Sony VGP-BPS33 batteries self-discharge when not in use?

All batteries, include Sony VGP-BPS33 laptop batteries, regardless of their chemistry, self-discharge. The rate of self-discharge depends both on the type of laptop battery and the storage temperature the batteries are exposed to. However, for a good estimate, wet flooded deep cycle laptop batteries self-discharge approximately 4% per week at 80°F.

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