Win7 pure version of the system laptop battery how to save electricity

The first trick brightness setting
The display screen is also a large power consumer, we can reduce the brightness of it to achieve the purpose of power saving. First, right-click on the desktop, then select the “nVIDIA” or “ATi” control panel from the pop-up menu, and lower the brightness value in the “Brightness” option.
After testing, the editor can save about 3W power consumption after lowering the screen brightness, which is equivalent to reducing the standby function by 14%.

The second trick is to turn off unnecessary peripheral devices.
First, enter the BIOS settings of the notebook (press F2 to enter during startup), and in the Advanced option, turn off some of the peripheral devices that are not available at the conference (Disabled). These devices are: Wireless LAN, mouse, and camera. After turning off these unnecessary devices, the editor found that it can save about 2.2W of power consumption, which is equivalent to a 10% reduction in standby function.

The third trick is to close the CPU core.
Many friends think that turning off the multi-core of the books can also save power. Is this the case? We also did a test, shutting down the three cores and leaving only one job. And surprised! In fact, the stupid power consumption has not decreased much. Turning off the CPU core will only increase the load on the processor (such as 4 people’s live, become a person) and does not reduce functionality.

The above is the tutorial on how to save power in the win7 pure version of the notebook battery. The above method can help you to extend the power supply time of the notebook when you need to use the laptop urgently, saving a total of 24% of power consumption. Of course, the best way is to connect the power supply or prepare an auxiliary battery to prevent power outages, so you won’t be afraid even if the game is played for a long time.