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    Lenovo BL226 smart phone4000MAH/15.20Wh3.8V -battery
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    Lenovo BL226 smart phone Batteries

    Product details:

    Brand:Lenovo smart phone

    Type: Li-ion-battery

    Voltage: 4000MAH/15.20Wh

    Capacity: 3.8V

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    Lenovo BL226 battery
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    New Lenovo BL226 telephone battery High Quality Battery 4000MAH/15.20Wh, 3.8V

    Replacement Battery>> Lenovo BL226 4000MAH/15.20Wh 3.8V

    Replace the following part numbers:

  • Lenovo BL226
  • Fits the Following Models:
    For Lenovo S860
    Charge limit voltage : 4.35V

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    JP: Lenovo BL226 スマホのバッテリー-Japan First Store

    DE: AKKU Für Lenovo BL226, Ersatz für Lenovo S860.-Germany

    NL: Lenovo BL226 Accu

    IT: Lenovo BL226 Batteria-Italy

    ES: Lenovo BL226 Batería-Spain

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How can Lenovo mobile phone stay in this year in 2019?

Chang Cheng said that the current market is much colder than we thought at the beginning of the year, but for Lenovo, the impact of the market is not particularly large, and our most important concern is to solve the problem to the user side – because we are now The amount is not that big, and the routine adds.
The small-scale is the advantage of Lenovo’s mobile phone. There is no Lenovo mobile phone with a sales KPI package. This is one of the reasons why Z5 Pro can intercept the 855 chip.
As for how to use the Lenovo mobile phone for the winter, the routine also has its own views. He believes that whether a mobile phone can survive depends on two driving forces. First, the existing cost, that is, the expense rate, so many people, so much money, you must spend so much. The second is the profit rate. Lenovo “winter” pays more attention to the expense rate, spends less money, does more efficient things, and hopes to do some optimization.

In 2019, Lenovo had no target in market share, only two keywords – “growth.” Chang Cheng believes that “when others are afraid, we have to be greedy.” In 2018, Lenovo spent a year making products, and finally returned to the normal rhythm today: “New things will not be slower than people, will follow Like others, even in some places, they will lead some opponents.”

“If we are still developing a conference, it means that we are still alive.” Chang Cheng said that no one knows what will happen in the future, but “only if there is a return to the product, there is a way out.”

Lenovo Changcheng: Lenovo mobile phone to launch a price war to cut off industry profits

The vice president of Lenovo Group and the head of the mobile business China region announced that Lenovo’s mobile phone should launch a price war in China and cut off the profits of other manufacturers. Chang Cheng said that Lenovo’s mobile phone shipments in the Chinese market have been growing against the trend for four consecutive months, with a growth rate of more than 70%. The data also shows that from April to September this year, Lenovo’s mobile phone sales in the domestic market increased by as much as 85%. In the overall industry downturn, the growth rate far exceeded other manufacturers.


Pure version Win10 Lenovo laptop battery 60% stop charging solution

1. Left click on the “Battery” icon in the lower right corner of the screen. In the options that appear, select “Go to Lenovo Settings Center”;

2. Drag the progress bar down and find the option of “Battery Charging Threshold”, as shown in the figure:

3. Turn on the “Battery Charging Threshold” switch, and the dialog prompt will pop up, as shown in the figure:
4. Select the “Continue” button, the dialog box disappears, and a progress bar for setting the charging threshold appears, as shown in the figure:
Single battery model, the setting interface is as follows:

Dual battery model, the setting interface is as follows:

1, the threshold is set to only a percentage of the value, the interval is 5%, such as 95% or 90%, (integer multiple of 5);
2. The battery starts to charge when it is lower than the stop charging threshold by about 6%;

3. In “Programs and Functions”, the software name is: Lenovo BatteryGauge, as shown in the figure:

After the above steps are modified, we can successfully restore the normal charging mode of the laptop! Friends who have encountered similar situations, come and take a look at it!