3 easy ways to transfer everything to a new phone

Having a new phone is delightful but transferring data can be an initial hurdle. Here are 3 ways to transfer the data from your old phone to your new phone.

By Google Account

Backing-up and restoring data by Google account might be the method most people know. Supported by the backing-up and restoring of an Android system, users can transfer their data including Google Calendar, WiFi account and password, desktop setting, Gmail, screen settings, language setting and some of the apps. It is by far the easiest way to replicate your basic system data.

The exact path is entered into the “setting>back up and restore”, unlock the backup set and choose a Google account.

As to the new phone, when you log in the account you have chosen in the former step, you will find everything will be restored as you choose. As this method uses the internet, the time to setup your new phone will depend on the internet connection speed.

In-house solutions

If you buy the same brand as your old phone, there is an effective way most people ignore, many brands themselves have a backup/restore tool for transferring data to new phones. Check your phone settings or jump onto Google to see if an app is available. :

Here are some data apps:

This method can save time if you have a large amount of data as you do not require the internet to copy the data across to other devices.

Tap & Go: A New function of Android

Android’s Tap & Go service arrived with the Android 5.0 Lolipop system launched a few years ago.

You can transmit data (including apps and apps data) through the NFC and Bluetooth. This method will work if both devices have NFC and Bluetooth.

Transferring apps to your new phone with tap and go

  • When you turn on your new phone, please unlock your old phone and open NFC. Put these 2 phones back to back.
  • You will receive the notice of adding a new account on your old phone.
  • When the screen on your old device says,”Copy accounts and data from this device?” tap “ok”.
  • Enter your Google account and password, then set your new phone as a new device and the transfer will start.

The key advantage to this method is you can choose what apps you want to copy so it is ideal if you are wanting to leave some older or unused apps behind.