Phone Battery Runs Quickly,why and how?

A common question we tend to hear all the time is “Why does my phone battery run down so fast?” Below we present a fairly detailed explanation for this and provide a step-by-step guide you can follow to help you control the situation.

Whether an Android or any other phone or tablet, most devices tend to have a common issue that is related to the operating system. Below are key reasons why your device runs out of battery power too quickly and what you can easily do instantly to make your battery last longer.

Firstly, it is very important to close apps completely rather than just tapping the home button. Many apps continue running in the background in a sleep mode. They continue to consume energy. Consider whether the apps in your phone actually work in your region. If not designed for your region or if not needed, best to uninstall. Consider uninstalling apps or removing widgets you don’t need or hardly use. Online connection: Best to turn off your mobile data when you don’t need it. Internet connection tends to suck up a lot of juice especially when your phone performs background tasks that may not be necessary, such as checking for updates. Online versions of the apps don’t tend to use as much battery power. Best to log off and close out when not needed. You can always update your mail box manually when necessary.

Recharge your phone at between 40% and 80%. If your phone regularly runs from being full to empty, this can quickly degrade and damage it over a short period of time and you’ll soon find that you’ll need to regularly recharge your phone too often. phones are programmed to connect automatically to a network and will continuously try to do just that. The relentless effort inevitably drains your battery. Useful tips include removing the SD card and reinserting it. If the issue continues, back up your data and do factory reset. Observe the behaviour before and as you reinstall apps one-by-one. This will help you determine if the problem is caused by bad battery or if its App related.

Nonetheless, if you need your phone on full power all the time for work or business, then it makes sense to get a reliable power supply.

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