Over Charging Bad For Your Phone Battery Life?

The answer is mystery for years. Probably most of us have a common doubt on this particular problem. Some say that over charging may damage your phone’s battery life. Some may argue “But, the purpose of the battery is to charge and discharge”, then what’s exactly over charging meant. Over charging doesn’t means charging the battery above its capacity. But, exactly what happens when charging and discharging, the ions in the battery moves back and forth, during this process the battery generates heat. This is the actual problem while charging.

During dissipation of heat some ions in the battery began to drain out, then the process of charging cycle begins again. This continuous process may cause swelling up the battery size and damages battery life, but now we needn’t worry about these swelling in batteries because technology has a solution to it.

But we should worry about the heat that is generated during the process of charging. Sometimes there is a rare possibility that our phone might blow. The answer for this question is: Does your battery gets damaged if it continues to charge even after it’s full capacity? Finally, the myth is busted. Your phone is smarter than you think. Once it’s fully charged, it automatically stops charging. So stop worrying about your phone.

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