Correct Laptop Battery

A common question we tend to hear all the time is “Why does my laptop battery run down so fast?” Below we present a fairly detailed explanation for this and provide a step-by-step guide you can follow to help you control the situation. We can use the “battery calibration” method to make the best notebook battery power . Here are two ways to correct laptop battery.

First. Standard correction method: laptop battery calibration function.

Many brands of laptops in the which have integrated battery calibration procedures, the general English saying is called “Battery Calibration”, that is, “battery power proofreading.” Directly into the will be able to complete the battery calibration operation.

1, Boot, press F2 after entering the boot screen to enter the menu; by left and right arrow keys, select to enter the power menu.

2, Into the power menu, you can see the “Start Battery Calibration” option, select it and press the Enter key to execute.

3, Then the screen will turn blue, and English tips, request the laptop’s power adapter plugged into the battery. When the battery is full, the screen prompts the user to disconnect the power adapter. After the laptop began to continue to discharge the battery, until the battery is exhausted.

4, This process takes some time, and other batteries automatically shut down, and then connect the power adapter to charge the battery, but do not boot. After charging is completed, the battery calibration process is completed.

Second, Manual correction method: Let the laptop boot naturally discharged.

Some notebooks in the can not find how to find the battery calibration options. Is not such a laptop can not be battery calibrated it? Through some of our manual settings, so books in the normal discharge until the automatic shutdown.

1, Notebook in the operating system, enter the “power options.” Select “Always on” for “Power Schemes” and set “Shut Down Monitor”, “Shut Down Hard Drive” to the minimum time, and system standby to “Never”.

2, In the “Power Options” “alarm”, cancel all alarm options, the purpose is to let the battery completely depleted until the shutdown.

3, After setting, close all applications, turn off WIFI, unplug the power adapter, battery powered. Do not do anything until the battery is exhausted and shut down automatically. After the discharge is complete, connect the power adapter, the battery is full, then completed a battery calibration.

Third,In addition, if it is Windows7 users, or power management software is not good settings, you can enter the laptop’s BIOS, the laptop has been open, at the same time to unplug the external power supply, waiting for the notebook to run out of power automatically shut down.

If you give the laptop battery calibration battery life is not yet obvious, it may be caused by the aging of the battery itself, if the notebook battery life is normal, it is not recommended to use the battery calibration.

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