How to get more storage space for your tablet

Always running out of space on your tablet? Whatever tablet you use, here are some easy ways to get more storage space.

People use tablets for different things. Some browse the web, others read their email and some use it as an entertainment device.

If you listen to music, watch moves, take photographs and download apps on your tablet, there’s a high chance your tablets drive will quickly become full and you won’t be able to download anything else.

Here are some ways to get more storage space for your tablet.

Free up storage

Start by spring cleaning your tablet and removing the apps and files you don’t use. You’ll be surprised how much storage space is taken up with things you don’t even use.


Memory card

If you own an Android tablet such as the Google Nexus 9 or the Tesco Hudl 2 then it may have a slot for a memory card. The advantage of using a card is that you can keep it in your tablet and use to store content and apps.

Invest in a card reader

A wireless portable card reader is a good solution if you don’t have a card slot on your device, but want to access extra content such as movies, photos and videos.

Storage drive

A storage drive is a good way of backing up things that you don’t use every day. Photographs, for example, take up quite a lot of storage space, but it’s likely you won’t want to look at them all that often.

Plugging in a portable drive enables you to quickly transfer photographs and free up storage space. A portable hard drive is a good place to store music and movies you don’t want to keep on your tablet.

Wireless storage

If you don’t want to mess around with cables or formatting, or if you’re an Apple iPad owner, a wireless storage drive will be more convenient.

Apple doesn’t make it easy for iPad users to add extra storage to their tablets. The device doesn’t include a USB port and uses a proprietary charging port, either 30-pin in the iPad 2 or the new Lightning connector.

Cloud storage

The advantage of using the cloud to store things is that you aren’t using storage space on your tablet. Instead your files are stored on remote servers, commonly known as the cloud.

Cloud storage has other advantages. Many devices enable you to set up an automatic backup so you don’t have to worry about remembering to copy your files manually. Additionally, in the event you lose your device, you’ll be able to restore your files from backup.

A number of cloud storage providers that offer space without charge.

BT Cloud

With BT Cloud, BT customers get 50GB or 500GB storage free depending on the broadband package.

BT Cloud can be used to store photos, music and documents.

You can access BT Cloud from any device with a browser, or via the BT Cloud app which is available for Android, Apple and Windows Phone phones and tablets, using your BT ID. From there you can share your content with family and friends.

Apple iCloud

Apple Pad and iPhone users get 5GB of iCloud storage free with their devices.

Google Android

Google offers users 15GB storage across Google Drive.

Users of Android tablets, such as the Tesco Hudl, can turn on automatic backups to back up app information, settings and wi-fi passwords by heading to Settings – Backup & reset – Back up my data.

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