How to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Still remember the last time the last drop of power of the original battery? You hate the battery for it almost ruined your most important presentation to your clients. But by following certain  practices, you will change your affections towards your moving energy friend. Here’s how.

The fewer you drain it, the longer the battery last

Usually, laptop batteries are able to handle around 500 full charge cycles, which means, each charge cycle decreases a battery’s capacity from its design specifications.

Your laptops like “new mode”

You can start saving your battery by changing the power settings corner of your laptop.

It would be better, If your laptops offer the function of “eco mode” which may adjusts the way power automatically to conserve battery energy. And, shifting to the Hibernation mode once you leave for a moment is really a good habit for laptop battery life.

Less running app, more energy

To save even more power, take a tour of your apps and quit any that are running in the background and slowly eating into your battery life. No matter your computers are in Windows or macOS , you can what apps are using the most power by resetting the energy section. Both Microsoft and Apple offer you the instruction in video.

Besides, you can also reduce the amount of power by shutting off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when you’re absent, turning off optional features such as keyboard backlighting.

Half charging for laying up

Though battery life is longer than before, it does not mean that the energy will be always waiting for you for a long time ignorance. So if you have the plan to store your laptop for an time without using it, then charging it to 50 percent before putting it away will be better.

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