5 hints your computer is about to die

When you’ve had your computer for a while, there’s no way that you can predict when it’s going to stop working for the last time, but there are some warning signs that it’s on its way out. Look out for these 5 and you might save yourself losing your information. Of course, backing up your computer is a must, whether it’s working properly or not, but it’s even more important if your computer could be breaking.

Things to look out for

Software problems

If your programs are all up-to-date but keep glitching or freezing, it’s a sign that there could be something wrong. When software has problems, it can make your computer freeze, crash, or show errors.

If there’s only one program with the problem, it’s probably not the computer. If it happens on lots of programs, even after a virus scan or reboot, it could well be a problem. Make sure you’ve got everything backed up.

Hardware problems

Some small things can start to happen that you might not notice at first: your mouse or keyboard stops working, your pen drive isn’t being picked up, or there are black lines appearing on your monitor.

The first thing to do is to check that everything is plugged in properly because it might just be a loose connection. If the problems don’t go away, it might be a sign that the computer is starting to go.

Noisy parts

Noises or bangs coming from your computer are a bad sign. If it’s clicking or grinding noises coming from your hard drive, then it’s most likely the moving parts that are having problems.

If the noises seem to be coming from your fan, it could mean dirt or dust has built up – and that could make things start overheating.

Some parts are replaceable and inexpensive, but if it’s more serious, then it might be time to say goodbye.

Startup failures

Do you turn your computer on and see messages like ‘disk boot failure’? Or maybe your computer restarts itself in the middle of turning on. Either one can be a sign that the hard drive is failing, and unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about that except replace it (the hard drive or the whole computer).

But bear in mind that it’s normal for your computer to slow down a little bit over time, and you can give it a boost by clearing out old or unused programs.

Poor performance

Slow or unstable performance is normal with older computers and hardware, but there could be a couple of things making it happen. It could have a virus, or there could be serious hardware problems.

When you start experiencing things like that, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got everything backed up, because even if you’re a pro at figuring out computer problems, there’s no way to know exactly when it’s going to go.

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