Lithium battery such as Li-Ion and Li-Pol has no memory effect.

Li-Ion has cycle life between 400 and 1200 cycles (most of them 800-1000), Li-Pol about 500-800 cycles. But it mean full cycle. If you discharge battery by 1% and then charge it to 100% it does not mean full cycle. Only 1% of full cycle.

Lithium battery must not by priming (or formatting). They do not need it. Formatting lithium battery just short their life.
Deep discharge is harmful.

In regard to Lithium battery has no memory effect I recommend charge laptop battery anywhere and anytime you can. Battery can powering standard notebook for about 2-5 hours (ultramobile notebooks can last more than 10 hours). It is very short time so everytime you have oportunity, charge!

But if you use laptop only in home, look for settings and try find function for extend battery life. Many modern notebooks have such function (in various names). It charge battery to maximum 80%.

If your laptop does not leave even your desk, charge battery to 50%, unplug battery from notebook and store it in 15°C. Twice per year check it. If voltage drop under 3 volts per cell, charge it again to 50%.