Thermal transfer barcode printer head maintenance knowledge

In the maintenance mode of the thermal transfer barcode printer head, the quality of the print medium is particularly important. In order to save money, some enterprise users use low-cost thermal paper or ribbon, but the price is not always good, and the inferior print media will speed up the damage of the print head. Therefore, enterprise users should give priority to brand-printing consumables with the smooth surface and excellent texture to prolong the service life and print quality of the print head. To get the best out of it, clean the bar code printhead every time you use a roll of ribbon or a roll of thermal paper. Be careful to prevent hard objects from scratching the bar code printhead when cleaning the bar code printhead, and use a grounded metal strap or anti-static pad to prevent static damage to the bar code printhead.

When there are inconsistencies in the printout of blank dots/lines in the bar code or graphics, there may be dirt on the printhead that needs cleaning. For best results, the thermal transfer barcode printhead should be cleaned regularly before loading a new roll of ribbon tape, hot transfer printer media, or printing over 150 meters of continuous or folded print media. It is not required to turn off the power when cleaning the print head.

In addition, business users should pay special attention to the use of “professional cleaning solvents” or choose to use “printer cleaning film” to clean and maintain the print head to avoid unnecessary damage caused by dust contamination on the surface of the print head. Thermal Transfer Barcode Printhead Film is a special film that removes dirt deposits from the printhead without damaging the printhead. There are many advantages to using a rescue printhead to clean the film: in addition to extending the life of the printhead, it also reduces the downtime required for maintenance and saves the cost of replacing the printhead. Therefore, it is an economical, convenient and quick way to remove dirt and dirt without the need to remove the print head.