Bar code scanner daily cleaning and maintenance method

First, before cleaning, the bar code scanner lens lock (also known as the safety lock) should be turned to the locked position to avoid damage to the optical components of the bar code scanner during the cleaning process. Then prepare the necessary tools: a few pieces of dry soft cotton, a balloon, a tiger, a cotton, water, a glass cleaner, a lubricant, and so on. The specific operations are as follows:
Cleaning the outer casing
We all have the experience that when you wipe the surface of a lot of dust directly with a damp cloth, the surface will be very flowery. Therefore, it is best to remove the floating ash covered by the barcode scanner housing with a dry soft cotton cloth, and then wipe it again with a damp cloth, so that the dust can be basically “killed”. If there are some other stains left on the outer casing, we can remove some washing powder on the damp cloth. After cleaning, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the place where the detergent is rubbed several times.
When cleaning the outer casing, we should be careful not to touch the glass plate of the barcode scanner. At the same time, we should wring the wet cloth as much as possible to avoid the dirty water flowing out of the dirty flat glass during the wiping process.
2. Cleaning the glass plate
After the outer casing is basically dry, open the top cover of the barcode scanner and blow it with a blown balloon to the flat glass to “run away” the dust attached to the surface. For stains that cannot be blown away, use a glass cleaner to clean them, then wipe them off with a soft, dry cotton cloth. Since the cleanness of the glass panel is directly related to the scanning quality of the image, we must be careful when cleaning the panel.
3. Cleaning the internal optical components
Next we can open the flat glass of the barcode scanner and clean the optical components inside the barcode scanner. In general, the frame and base of the barcode scanner are carded together, so they can be easily removed without a screwdriver. In the optical components, we should focus on the bar code scanner fluorescent tube: use a cotton wool ball to pour distilled water, and then squeeze the water on the cotton ball (to ensure that no water will flow out during the wiping process), gently Wipe back and forth on the tube. Due to the precision of the optical components, when cleaning these devices, the action is light and stable.
4. Cleaning the transmission
The slider on the bar code scanner drive is another important point for us to pay attention to. Usually when the bar code scanner is noisy during operation, it is likely to be a problem with the slider. At this point we can find some lubricant evenly applied to the sliding rod to improve the mechanical lubrication of the transmission mechanism.