Miscellaneous Issues

  • Will the main battery fit as a second battery?

No, the main battery will not fit as a second battery in the bays. A specially designed bay battery is required to fit in the bays as a second battery.

  • I cannot find a replacement battery for my laptop, What can I do?

As newer models are released into the market older laptop models are discontinued and accessories for these models become scarce or even non-existent. Several manufacturers have come up with innovative ideas to overcome these problems, such as universal batteries. Several tips are provided to connect different brands of laptops.

  • I have broken the latch on my battery, Can the latch be replaced?

No, as the latch is part of the battery the whole battery needs to be replaced.

  • I have lost/broken the fascia panels that came with the battery, Is it easy to replace them?

No, these fascia panels can be very hard to source and can be expensive for the purpose they serve. It might be easier and cheaper to purchase a new battery.

  • My battery has a crack in its casing, Can I use it?
  • I dropped my battery, Is it safe to use?

By dropping the battery, you may have damaged the cells inside. If this is the case then the battery would cease to function normally. Also inspect the battery carefully after dropping it. Check for any cracks on the plastic casing, any damage on the metallic contacts or any signs of leakage. If you find any of these it will be dangerous to continue using the damaged battery.

  • My new battery seems to be a little tight fitting into the compartment, Can I use force?

Usually, you can use a little force. As long as the shape, size and all other physical attributes are exactly the same as the old one. Make sure the battery is the correct part for your notebook computer. If in doubt, do not use any force at all to avoid the risk of damaging both the battery and your notebook computer.

  • How do I dispose of my battery? Should I recycle it?

Yes, all batteries should be recycled and not disposed of like most perishable items. Due to the chemicals and other substances used, batteries should be recycled as it would be harmful for the environment. Ask your supplier in the first instance whether they have a recycling procedure.