Things Not To Do With Your Laptop Battery

Do Not short circuit a battery – Carrying or storing the battery withother metal objects like coins, paper clips and hair pins can cause the battery to short circuit and may generate a lot of heat.

Do Not expose the battery to moisture or rain – Electricity and water doesnt go together. Again can short circuit the battery, or when inserted into the Laptop can damage the laptop.

Do Not expose the battery to heat – Keep the battery away from sources of heat, fire and even direct sunlight. Aids the chemical reactions within the battery and can result in an explosion!!

Do Not throw away your battery – Dispose of your battery responsibly. Please recycle all batteries as they contain chemicals which are harmful to the environment.

Do Not mix old and new batteries – Mixing different types of batteries and using different types of batteries is extremely dangerous. Can cause rupture, leakage resulting in personal injury and damage to laptop.