Morgan Stanley: iPhone 8 supercycle delayed, still happening

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty said in a statement that Apple would experience a supercycle with the upcoming iPhone 8. It is expected to happen in October, when the phone is released, rather than the usual September launch.

Supercycle is a phenomenon where owners of older iPhones are deliberately withholding a phone purchase because they are waiting for a major upgrade. The iPhone 8 is expected to bring around 10% sales bump, according to previous reports.

The top-notch iPhone 8 is projected to cost more than $1000. The extra bucks are expected to get you an OLED panel, wireless charging and 3D sensor for Augmented Reality. There are also rumors for the in-screen fingerprint sensor, but we might see the scanner implemented in the power key.

Average sales price of iPhones is predicted to jump to a record high of $775, with 62% of the shipments being for the iPhone 8.