Lenovo HKF1502-3B APA005 FSP150-20AI PSU for Lenovo S710 S510 M7121 power supply

Lenovo HKF1502-3B APA005 FSP150-20AI PSU for Lenovo S710 S510 M7121 power supply.
Whether you’re building a basic desktop or a power-house gaming PC, choosing the right PC power supply unit (PSU) is an important decision. Here we have PSUs for Lenovo HKF1502-3B. Fully Modular Cable Management, 80 Plus Gold-Certified to Deliver over 90% Efficiency …

New Replacement LENOVO HKF1502-3B APA005 FSP150-20AI Power supply

Lenovo HKF1502-3B adapter
Product Details
Device Type: Power adapter – external
Power Capacity: 150W
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty
Fit Models: PSU for Lenovo S710 S510 M7121 power supply
Adapter Part Numbers:
APA005(AcBel??/HKF1502-3B(Huntkey) FSP150-20AI APA004 PS-2181-01

JP:Lenovo HKF1502-3B

DE:Lenovo HKF1502-3B NOTEBOOK-Netzteil. Das richtige LENOVO Laptop adapter finden.

RU:Lenovo HKF1502-3B

NL:Lenovo HKF1502-3B power adapter


How can I maintain the computer host?

Step 1 Do not switch the machine frequently

Some of them are always shut down and restarted because of small problems. This kind of habit is very bad, which will greatly damage the computer hardware. It is best to enable hibernation if you don’t use it for a short time. Don’t drag the vibrating computer while the computer is still in use, and you can’t plug in the hardware accessories. These practices will greatly damage the computer.

Step 2 should be turned on frequently

If the computer has been idle for a long time, if it is in the summer, if the air is wet, the host is prone to short circuit caused by the tide. It is best to turn it on every day for 10 minutes a day. When it rains and thunder, be sure to turn off the computer and put all the The power plug is pulled out.

Step 3, don’t pay attention to heat dissipation

Long-term operation of the computer heat accumulation, long-term operation of the computer will slow down or crash, summer should pay attention to indoor ventilation, CPU fans to buy a better point. If it is too hot, it is best to open the cover of the case to make it easier to dissipate heat. For the problem of antifreeze, if the computer is too cold in winter, it will cause the problem of opening and not turning on.

Step 4 Pay attention to dust

Dust damage to the computer is also relatively large, usually do not open the computer case cover, when the computer is not in use, the computer host is covered with a cloth to prevent dust from entering the computer and causing malfunction.

Step 5 Try to use a three-hole socket

It is best to use a 3-hole socket to prevent static electricity from collecting on the computer. This reduces the occurrence of static electricity. If you feel an electrostatic shock on the chassis, connect the chassis to a copper wire and ground the other end.

Step 6: Turn on the peripherals and then turn on the host when booting.

The correct boot sequence is to open the peripherals and then turn on the host, such as print connection, audio, display, etc. Turn off the host first when shutting down.

Step 7: The computer cannot be loaded and unloaded during daily use.

When loading and unloading software, you should check to see if it is the software that comes with the original system. Removing the software that comes with the system can sometimes cause major problems with the use of the computer.

Step 8 prohibits magnetic objects from being placed around the display

Such as mobile phones, audio, etc., do not be placed next to the display, so as to avoid magnetic interference.

Step 9 The computer needs to carry out dust removal maintenance for half a year.

It is best to do a dust removal every few months. If you don’t know what to do, you can ask a professional maintenance person how to remove dust from the chassis to avoid damage to hardware or electric shock.

Step 10 The computer cannot be used overnight.

The computer is not used all night, which will cause the computer to accumulate too much heat, and all kinds of hardware will wear out. The long-term use will reduce the life of the computer, and the computer will also have radiation. It is not good for the body.


Uk-online.co.uk gives you the right host power selection method First, make sure to choose a PSU from a reputable manufacturer.


The output is very important when selecting a PSU. This output is listed in watts and should be greater than the total wattage of all components in the system plus 40% to 60%. Quite simply, the more you have to the system, the higher the power of the PC power unit. For example, high-end gamers need far more power than home users who surf the Internet and do word processing.

energy efficiency

But not just wattage. Efficiency is very important, so look for PSUs with 80 Plus certification. This shows that the PSU will waste less energy than other units, making it cheaper and more reliable.

PSU wiring

There are different types of PSUs and wiring. The fully modular power unit allows the user to remove excess cables from the chassis, while the semi-modular PSU has a mix of detachable and hard-wired or permanent cables.

The third option is a fully wired PSU, which, as the name suggests, does not allow any cables to be disconnected. Of these three, fully modular units are the most versatile.
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