three explanations for the Cube tablet of not charging

1. Charger damage
Test tools and methods

Test tool:  Cube tablet / 1 (no quality problem) Current charger / one

Test method: use the current charger to charge the tablet without quality problems. If it can be charged, the charger has no problem.

If the charger does not enter the point, the charger has a problem and needs to replace the charger with the same current and voltage.

Replacement Note: The current and voltage of the replaced charger must have the same current and the same voltage standard. Otherwise, the battery will not be charged or the charging device will be damaged.

2. The charger voltage is not enough to cause charging
Tablet PCs must be charged with high power, at least 1.5A or more, generally 2A or even 2.5A
Use the 300-500mA charger of that mobile phone, or plug in the computer to charge, the charge cannot be charged, the current is not enough

Because the battery capacity of the tablet is very large, it is more than 3000 mAh, and even there are nearly 10,000

The mobile phone is generally 600-1900 mAh, so the mobile phone charger generally has little power, and the tablet charger is very powerful.

In addition, some tablet computers must be charged with a single charging hole, and cannot be charged with a USB port.

3. The tablet is damaged and cannot be charged.
Test tools and methods

Test tool: Cool than Rubik’s cube tablet / 1 (current) charger / one (no quality problems)

Test method: use the charger without quality problem to charge the current tablet. If it can be charged, the charger has a problem.

If you don’t get into the power, there is a problem with the Rubik’s cube tablet, and the tablet needs to be taken back to the manufacturer for chip inspection.