How can I eliminate battery memory?

Different batteries have their own characteristics, and the user must charge according to the method indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions. In the standby state, the phone also consumes batteries. If you want to charge quickly, you should turn off the phone or remove the battery to charge it.
fast charging
Some automated smart quick chargers only indicate that they are full 90% when the indicator signal changes. The charger will automatically switch to slow charging to fully charge the battery. It is best for the user to fully charge the battery before use, otherwise it will shorten the use time.
Memory effect
If the battery is a nickel-cadmium battery, it will not be completely charged or discharged for a long time, which will leave marks in the battery and reduce the battery capacity. This phenomenon is called battery memory effect.
Eliminate memory
The method is to completely discharge the battery and then refill it. The discharge can be performed by a discharger or a charger with a discharge function, or by using a standby mode of the mobile phone. If the discharge is to be accelerated, the illumination of the display screen and the telephone button can be turned on. To ensure that the battery can be refilled, follow the instructions in the instructions to control the time and repeat charging and discharging two or three times.