Tablet password forgot how to crack?

Apple IPAD

1. First of all, you have to put your computer in the boot state, but also open iTunes on the computer, connect the iPad to the computer through the data cable.

2. When you connect your tablet and computer, press your home button and power on the keyboard until the ipad screen appears:

3. You will find that a box will pop up on your computer: click the “OK” button

4. If you find that your tablet is not the latest version of the system, iTunes on your computer will remind you if you want to install iso’s latest system: Click “Restore and Update”.

5. Next, on the page you installed, a box will pop up and click “Next” – “Agree”.

6. And you will see that on the screen of your computer, you will see the latest program download waiting for iso, which takes about 1 hour. The screen saver or black screen cannot appear during the computer screen.

7. Finally, after the version on your tablet is updated to the new version, clicking on the recovery ipad system will automatically install it into your ipad.

8. The final step, after waiting for the new version to be downloaded, will display the screen you need to use when you buy it back. Step by step, finally enter the previous Apple ID and Apple password to complete the recovery, and you can re-use our iPad!

Android tablet

1. Different from Apple’s tablet, it should be shut down on the basis of the power not less than 20%. In the off state, press and hold the volume up + down button + power button, the volume up and down button keeps pressing for 10 seconds. Above, this time will enter the recovery mode, as shown in the figure:

2, find the settings on the flat panel, find “restore factory settings” in the settings, and then use the power button to determine, it will automatically double-clear and restore the factory. Figure:

3, after everything is done, reopen your tablet is the time to buy it back, you can enter the tablet.