(iphone6) mobile phone touch screen failure solution

1. Cleaning the screen The static electricity on the screen caused by the dryness may cause the touch screen to malfunction. Gently wipe the entire screen with your hand, or remove the protective film to clean the screen.
2. Press the lock screen button Sometimes the touch screen does not respond, not the touch screen fails, but the phone’s memory is insufficient to start to appear stuck, press the lock screen button a few times, maybe it will be restored.
3. Restart the phone There is no mobile phone problem in the world that can’t be solved by restarting the phone. If there is, then restart it again. If the battery is detachable, remember to pry the battery down. If not, wait for the hot phone to return to normal temperature and restart.
4. Uninstalling the newly installed software If the above method is not solved, the cause of the malfunction of the touch screen of the mobile phone may be that the software and the system are not compatible. You can try to uninstall the latest downloaded software.
5. Keep away from the magnetic field If your mobile phone touches the screen, please check if there is any magnetic field around you. Try it from a distance and maybe it will return to normal.
6. Use under normal temperature The temperature environment has a great influence on the touch screen mobile phone. The mobile phone at low temperature can’t even open the machine, and the high temperature may damage the mobile phone. So you know, don’t try to make your phone work in extreme weather.
7. Restoring the factory settings/rooting is similar to the malfunction of the touch screen caused by the poisoning of the mobile phone. The only way is to clean the virus or brush the machine. At this time, it is best to back up the files, and the operation is safe and rapid, so as not to cause unnecessary Loss.