It is difficult to see the combination of Intel and AMD. In the future, NUC will adopt the unique display

I don’t know if you remember the Kaby Lake-G series of chips. The chip is the first to package Intel’s processor and AMD’s graphics card, starting with Intel’s Hades Canyon NUC. This product was quite amazing before it was launched. In particular, AMD’s “nuclear display” performance has reached the level of GTX1060, which is very powerful. And this is also a product of “integration” between Intel and AMD, which is very significant. However, in the future, NUC seems to give up this practice.

According to leaked news, the future NUC will use Intel’s nine-generation Core + NVIDIA Turing graphics card, and the heat will be re-customized. In the future, the NUC name for gamers will be Phanton Canyon, which will be powered by the 28W version of the Tiger Laket-U processor, and will also choose GTX1660Ti or RTX2060 alone.

Phanton Canyon will be launched between 2020 and 2021. Before the product appeared, Intel will still launch a NUC, named Ghost Canyon, which will use i9-9980HK, and is not independent. Graphics card.

Friends who are interested in mini-hosts may be impressed with NUC, especially when Hades Canyon is released, its small size has very good performance, and the masses of people who are eating melons are finally lucky enough to witness the combination of intel and AMD. This situation is hard to see again in the future.