Why would the phone cancel the 3.5mm headphone plug?

Mobile phones are no strangers. From the past big brothers, mobile phones have been developing and become the brand mobile phones that people use now. Of course, mobile phones are just a communication tool. With the development of technology, mobile phones have become a collection of black technology. Entertainment tools, of course, all of this is in the direction of good development, so that the mobile phone continues to develop and progress.

Everyone knows that the mobile phones used by people in the past will have a headphone jack. Of course, the headphone jacks have different sockets at first. With the market demand, the headphone jacks have been popularized into 3.5mm headphone jacks, but now the mobile phone manufacturers are in one step. Stepping off the earphone hole, why should you make such a change?

First of all, everyone knows that there are more and more mobile phones nowadays. In the pursuit of more functions, what needs to be done is that the screen is bigger, the mobile phone is lighter and thinner, etc., so the major mobile phone manufacturers can only cancel the earphone jack.

Moreover, without the earphone hole, the waterproofing is actually more casual, the cost will be lower, and the waterproofing will almost become the next large-scale popular function, because the tragedy caused by the mobile phone entering the water is a common thing, and the waterproof function of the mobile phone. It will be more common, and the mobile phone has a longer life cycle.

Finally, if the 3.5mm headset outputs an analog signal, a better audio module is required to output a high-quality sound source, which greatly increases the cost of manufacturing the handset, and eliminates the need for component manufacturing after the headset hole is removed. Cost, you can increase profits by selling Bluetooth headsets. You know, Bluetooth headsets are several times more expensive than traditional wired headsets!