Does the laptop keep plugging in and charging for power?

In fact, whether this keeps the power adapter connected all the time using the laptop depends on the usage scenario.

At 100% full charge, the power supply is always plugged in, which makes it easier to “store passivation.” Storage passivation means that the charging display is already full, and the voltage drops rapidly when used, and the capacity decreases as compared with the normal state. Storage passivation is most severe when fully charged, and high temperatures accelerate the process of passivation and battery aging.

If you use your computer most of the time with the power plugged in and only use the battery for a small amount of time, then often charging the battery to 100% and plugging it in will speed up battery aging.

If you use the battery frequently, for example, if you only have a computer with no power to meet, hold the computer and discuss problems with your colleagues, you can keep the battery charging and discharging normally, then the passivation will not be too obvious, so you don’t have to affect your normal use.

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