280W power supply LENOVO Power Supply 45J9433 45J9431 54Y8854 PS-5281-02VA-RoHS

LENOVO PS-5281-02VA-RoHS adapter

LENOVO Power Supply 280W 45J9433 45J9431 54Y8854 Power Supply LENOVO PS-5281-02VA-RoHS

Cheap price replacement for a new host power supply type of LENOVO Power Supply 280W 45J9433 45J9431 54Y8854, power supply unit 280W PS-5281-02VA-RoHS for sale. UK online store for power unit buyers, reliable quality and fast shipping.

We will be your one-stop-shop for LENOVO Computer Power Supply. We make every effort to provide Replacement LENOVO PS-5281-02VA-RoHS Desktop PC Power Supply. If you have lost or misplaced your LENOVO Power Supply, then look no further for a replacement.

At our store, we have an enormous selection of LENOVO Power Supply. You can be sure to find the Power supply for LENOVO PS-5281-02VA-RoHS Kit you need at low cost, Quick response and support.

All of the LENOVO Computer Power Supply you will find at our store are brand new and guaranteed to meet or exceed original Desktop PC Power Supply specifications.

Input: 100-127V/200-240V
Output: 280W
PS-5281-02VA-RoHS, 45J9433, 45J9431, 54Y8854
Compatible Models
LENOVO Power Supply PS-5281-02VA-RoHS 45J9433 45J9431 54Y8854
MODEL : PS-5281-02VA-RoHS
LC : 36001697
LI : 45J9433
EC Level : L61433
FRU P/N : 45J9431
AC-INPUT 100-127V/200-240V

Design features of LENOVO Power Supply 280W 45J9433 45J9431 54Y8854 power supply PS-5281-02VA-RoHS

* The power supply unit we sell consists of high-quality electronic components and cables.

* Reliable domestic PSE certification.

* All types and sizes of power connectors are designed and manufactured according to the equipment, and the included power plug is suitable for use or work in the country.

Price reference for PS-5281-02VA-RoHS power supply

JP: LENOVO PS-5281-02VA-RoHS 電源ユニット

ES: fuente de alimentación LENOVO PS-5281-02VA-RoHS

NZ: LENOVO PS-5281-02VA-RoHS power supply

DE: LENOVO PS-5281-02VA-RoHS Netzteil

IT: LENOVO PS-5281-02VA-RoHS alimentatore

US: LENOVO PS-5281-02VA-RoHS power supply unit


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