External Laptop Battery? Universal Laptop Battery?

What is “External Laptop Battery” or “Universal Laptop Battery” or

“Universal External Laptop Battery”? How does it work?

As you know a laptop battery consists of a number of battery cells

inside. A pack of cells, produces the correct amount of voltage and

current to power the laptop.  This is the reason laptop batteries are

often called laptop battery packs.

External laptop batteries, as the name suggests, do not fit inside the

battery bay of the laptop.  They simply sit outside, plugged into the

laptop by the necessary cables.  These batteries consists of a greater

number of cells.  Allowing for a greater capacity to power the laptop

for a longer time.

Standard laptop batteries have an internal circuitry with chips to

control the flow of current etc, Universal laptop batteries contain

these circuitry, but the tips that plug into the laptop detect the

voltage and current.  The various tips that are supplied with the

external laptop battery allows it to be used with almost any brand of


Universal external laptop batteries, give extended capacity/running

time and if you change your laptop it still can be used.