Lenovo DPS-250AB-71 Universal Computer Power Supply

Wholesale and retail laptop AC Adapters Lenovo DPS-250AB-71 Computer Power Supply 250W MAX. Replace the new charger for Lenovo B520 B520R2 B520E 10088 Integrated machine. Order online on uk-online.co.uk and Fast Delivery!

Lenovo DPS-250AB-71 adapter


Input: 100-127V~50-60Hz 6.0A
Output: 250W MAX
DPS-250AB-71 APC005
Compatible Models

Lenovo B520 B520R2 B520E 10088 Integrated machine Computer Power Supply DPS-250AB-71

1. Please carefully read the DPS-250AB-71 Computer Power Supply information and compatible models provided by us, please do not buy it by mistake. If in doubt, please send an email.

2. Check the number of your power pins and type of connector(SATA, ATX).

3. LENOVO Computer Power Supply DPS-250AB-71 provided by uk-online.co.uk, is made up of high quality electronic materials, worked by high-performance output power, perfectly run-in motion your Lenovo B520 B520R2 B520E 10088 Integrated machine.

4. Never use a small power to work for a high-Consumption device, otherwise it will damage your device.

5. If the appearance or output power of the above Lenovo B520 B520R2 B520E 10088 Integrated machine Computer Power Supply does not match your device, please send us an email promptly to provide a suitable power supply model for you.

DPS-250AB-71 power supply

JP: Lenovo DPS-250AB-71 電源ユニット

US: Lenovo DPS-250AB-71 power supply unit

NZ: Lenovo DPS-250AB-71 power supply

PL: Lenovo DPS-250AB-71 zasilanie

IT: Lenovo DPS-250AB-71 alimentatore

ES: Lenovo DPS-250AB-71 fuente de alimentación

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