Signs That It Is Time for a New Laptop Battery

Laptop batteries do not last forever. Even under the best conditions, a laptop battery loses some of its capacity over time, and eventually will need to be replaced. In addition, a number of problems such as over-voltage or under-voltage can cause a battery to fail prematurely. Here are most common signs that it may be time to replace your laptop battery.

If your battery is giving less than 50% of the battery life it was giving when it was new, it is probably time for a new battery. All batteries lose their capacity over time due to corrosion within the battery. Once this begins to affect capacity to a large degree, the battery should be replaced.

Windows and most operating systems will give an indication if there is a problem with the battery, assuming the manufacturer has designed the laptop to communicate with the battery. In many cases, you will get a warning message telling you to check or replace the battery.

Many batteries are equipped with one or more lights that indicate when it is charging and when it is finished charging. Some also give an indication of problems with these lights. Check your manual if your battery is flashing or blinking in a way you don’t recognize.

In some cases, even when the operating system or the battery doesn’t indicate a problem, the laptop will not run on battery power alone, but only when the AC adapter is connected. In this case, it is a good idea to replace the battery.

One of the surest ways to know if a battery is functioning correctly is to use battery health monitoring software. This will give an indication of the capacity left in the battery, and an indication of the battery’s overall health.

If you suspect your laptop’s battery is failing it is often a good idea to purchase a replacement. You can find an OEM or a compatible replacement by visiting an online parts store. Cases of a faulty battery causing damage to a laptop are very rare, but it is hardly worth the risk for a relatively inexpensive replacement.