Four Easy Laptop Upgrades

When upgrading your laptop, you want to ensure you are getting the most from the upgrade while also getting the most value for your money. In many cases, you also want to make sure that the upgrade is easy enough for you to do it yourself in order to avoid paying a repair shop on top of the upgrade costs. Here we will look at four easy upgrades for your laptop that will add extra performance, storage, and convenience.


One of the upgrades that is likely to have the most impact on any laptop is upgrading the memory. A computer with more memory is able to run more programs at once without slowdowns and can also help you open and edit large documents more quickly. Upgrading the memory is often fairly inexpensive and easy to do, so upgrade your laptop to the maximum amount of memory supported to get the most from the upgrade.

2.Hard Drive

Upgrading the hard drive in your laptop is a great way to get more storage for your important files, but it can also provide a performance boost. Upgrading from a 5200 RPM drive to a 7200 RPM or faster drive will boost performance, or you may even consider adding an SSD for faster boot times and a huge performance boost. Make sure to backup your important data before you attempt the upgrade.


If your laptop is more than a year old, you may find that your battery does not last as long as it did when new. Battery capacity degrades over time, so replacing the battery with a new one is a great upgrade that will allow you to spend more time away from power outlets. Adding a second battery is also a great idea for doubling your battery life.


4.AC Adapter

An AC Adapter may seem out of place on a list of upgrades, but adding a second AC Adapter to your laptop setup can add extra convenience. Keeping an adapter plugged into the wall in your office and one at home, for example, makes it easy to quickly move from one location to another without the hassle of carrying an adapter around with you.


With these inexpensive and simple upgrades, you can add performance and convenience to your laptop experience, and almost anyone can perform these simple upgrades with a little planning and research.