FAQs about Your Portable DVD Player

Video entertainment should be just as portable as music, and a portable DVD player goes a long way toward making your movie library available almost anywhere. The ability to play DVDs frees you from the need to manage digital movie files, and the larger screen on a portable DVD player is a big improvement over smaller digital video players. These frequently asked questions about portable DVD players will give you a better idea of their features and your portable video options.

FAQs about Your Portable DVD Player

Portable DVD Player Questions:

What forms do portable DVD players come in?

Two major types of DVD players are commonly available: fold-up models and car DVD players. The difference between these two types is how your portable DVD player is connected to your vehicle. Regular portable DVD players are stand-alone devices with the player and folding screen in the same unit. Portable DVD players for cars may have one or more screens installed in car seats or the ceiling, with a separate player in the dash or beneath the seats. A normal portable DVD player has the advantage of going with you anywhere, while the portable car DVD player is easily integrated with your vehicle’s sound system. Another, less-common, portable DVD player type features a viewing screen built into a boombox or bookshelf stereo design.

Can I play Blu-ray discs on a portable player?

Some do. Portable Blu-ray players will play both Blu-ray and DVD. If the name of a product doesn’t clarify whether it plays Blu-ray, you can check the product description for the initials “BD” which stand for “Blu-ray Disc.”

How can I get better sound from my DVD player?

A separate set of speakers can really improve the sound you get from your player, usually plugging in through the headphone jack. Your portable DVD player may also come with adapter cables for your car stereo, allowing you to use car speakers for sound.

What if I want to use headphones?

Nearly every portable DVD player has at least one headphone jack; many have two. If you want to use two sets of headphones but don’t have two jacks, you can always use an adapter cable with a splitter.