How do I Choose the Correct Laptop Charger?

Finding the correct laptop charger is not a difficult or overly inconvenient process. All it takes is a little research. The information you need to make the right choice can be easily found on your laptop, your old charger, or on the charger to be purchased. The best part about finding the right product is that manufacturers make the choice easy. The information is usually on the charger’s case or in the description, if shopping online.

The best option in finding the correct charger for your laptop is to go to the source. Go to the manufacturer that made the computer and find the charger there. Online stores may be the best option in this case because they usually carry a greater selection than physical stores. Once at the store, look for the charger that came with your computer. This way, you will be sure to find the correct one.

If, for some reason, you are unable to go to the manufacturer’s store or are unable or unwilling to get the charger shipped to you through online stores, you can go to a computer or electronics store. When looking at the laptop chargers available, take the time to look at the computer models the charger you are looking at is compatible with. This information should be listed on the packaging. If your specific computer model is on the list, then the charger will work for you computer. If it is not, find another charger.

You can also find out what type of charger your laptop takes by looking on the bottom of the laptop. In order to ensure that you get the correct replacement parts for your computer, the manufacturer stamps product specifications (specs) on different laptop parts. There are several stamps, but you should look for the one that says “AC adaptor” or something similar. Find the model number and write it down — that is what you should be looking when buying a replacement. This information can also be found by looking at your old charger and in the documentation that came with your laptop.

You can also buy a universal charger. Again, to ensure you are getting one that is compatible for your laptop, check the product specs on the charger’s packaging. You can also be sure the charger will match your computer by making sure the specs for the charger and those for the laptop are the same. This includes making sure the voltage, input, and output are identical. Don’t forget to make sure the charger’s connections will fit your laptop.