Your phone wireless charging with Qi technology

What is Qi technology?

Qi technology is the new standard used worldwide for wireless charging. Many great brands such as Samsung, LG and HTC, are already using the technology. This technique was developed by Wireless Power Consortium . Qi is pronounced as ‘chi’.

Wireless charging means that your phone and the charger no longer need to be connected to a cable. You can place it just on the charging pad and it automatically charges. The charger itself often must still be plugged in.

There are now already power banks with this technology. These can so easily take and when the power bank is charging needs no cable here.

The technology has already been used in the Oral-B toothbrushes. Also, almost all smart watches using this method of charging.

How does the wireless charging with Qi technology?

Qi technology uses induction. There are two coils, one receiver (eg your phone) and 1 transmitter (the charger). The transmitter radiates a magnetic field. The receiver has just such a coil is that the magnetic field again this revenue stream. This stream is then transported to the battery / battery from your phone.

At the first Qi-technology, it was possible to charge a device within a range of 5 mm from the charger.

The new technology makes it all possible to recharge a device within a radius of 4 centimeters. Even more devices with the new technology can be simultaneously charged with only one charger.

Will this technology replace the cable?

Wireless charging could in principle replace the cable. However, we think that this is going to last long.

At this moment, the Qi technology can only load. Exchanging data between your phone and computer. This can be via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi but this works in practice is often not as easy as a cable.

Which phone is capable of wireless charging?

We have created a special page which we will update regularly. Here is a list of all phones that are capable of wireless charging.

Can my phone wireless charging?

What’s for sale for wireless charging?

At present, to obtain, there are 3 types of products:

  • Power Banks with Qi technology
  • Chargers / charging pad
  • Receivers

What should I buy to recharge wirelessly?

If you want to charge wirelessly you need to know if there is a Qi receiver is in your phone. This is what phones have this.

There is a receiver in your phone? Then you just need a charging pad or a power bank with Qi technology purchase. This will work flawlessly.

Does your phone still does not have a receiver but this one is available for your phone? Then you need a receiver and a charger / power bank buying.

If your phone is not suitable to charge wirelessly? You can always buy a charging path with micro USB / lightning output. These are suitable for any iPhone / Android phone.

How do I place a wireless receiver in my phone?

A wireless receiver is very easy to place in your phone. On the picture below you can see how to do it.

How to install a wireless receiver?

  1. Open your phone
  2. Remove the sticker of the wireless receiver
  3. Place the receiver on the battery so that the iron pins falling on each other
  4. Rub over there as well and make sure the wireless receiver is tight
  5. Close your phone again
  6. Now your phone is ready to charge wireless

Do you have a phone that is not suitable for wireless charging and you bought a wireless charger with Lightning / micro USB connector bought you can place it on the inside or outside of your phone. Make sure that the receiver cable taut passes your phone.